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You are sitting in nature or collaborating in any library or class, walking with hundreds of people or sat alone on a chair while feeling the deep darkness
Books will convert you into a whole new character, as per your interest it will open a new chapter
While turning the pages you will feel the numbers, you will remember page vise answers
When you have reached to the end, you will feel the process of ascend.

The Road Less Travelled book bringing the notion of discipline, which flows in all aspects to create meaning
When we vibrate in the state of love it helps us in the process of spiritual growth, real strength means, spiritual path
Deception and misconceptions are out there when it comes to God And Religion, in this race let's not forget that tribe of humanity makes us one
Sometimes miracles happen, which are considered as, which is out of human consciousness, it's the power of grace.

A Gradual Awakening book is opening the doors of meditation, and it's awareness nation
Meditation practice is communication with our higher self and this process brings balance, sometimes you feel this essence
After opening this door vipassana meditation will welcome you, search about it if you don't have any clue
Home of meditation is whole new university of inner universe, where you will find your silent and peaceful verse.

The Power Of Now book tells very clear message, your life is not in past nor in future, live in now age
Release all the burdens to feed yourself with clarity and complete understanding of now moment, then your life will receive new flow and right momentum
No one can bring new age for you until you Re-engineer your perspective, true knowledge should be the motive
Don't judge books by it's cover page looks, bringing poetic reflection of spiritual books.

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Details Of Books.

  1. The Road Less Travelled by Morgan Scott Peck.
  2. A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine.
  3. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.


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"This is my original work and based on research too."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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These sound like some excellent selections! I am still endeavoring to make daily meditation a consistent practice, so anything to help me on that journey is much appreciated!

Genuinely speaking, i don't do meditation. In my opinion for everyone the path of Spirituality is different. In my case, i feel Spiritual Ascension when i do Dance, Self Introspection Session and Poetry Writing. Stay blessed always. 🙂

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Hey @chireerocks

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You can still get involved in our dpoll of all the nominations that came in, which will be coming soon.

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Thank you for your kind response team and next time i will join this contest on Time. Stay blessed.

Hey man, just stopping by to read your post now - some great looking books there and sounds like you really are in to your spirituality, meditation and mental well-being, which is probably what a lot more of us need to do, myself included!

In my opinion many times people follow the Myth Of Spirituality and talks just beautiful aspects, but journey of Spirituality sometimes becomes so tough that in daylight we can see darkness. But one thing is for sure, it will let you know how you should feel about yourself and what is the most important aspect in life, and the truth is, we are the Truth (Aspect Of Source) and our Actions (Karma) is the evidence. I was Pro Sportsman and with that was working with reputed MNC but end of 2017 and that one day in the month of October i woke up from a dream and i felt that my world became upside down and from that point of time i became a Poet, before that never written a poetry in my life. I cannot define this Journey because we are stuck in both Material and Spiritual battle. In material world every human being faces judgement from fellow beings, but when we are living the State Of Spirituality we understand the importance of letting go because it make us lite and opens so much space which can be filled by more light. But before light we face darkness, in a way i want to put this like this, Spirituality is different from "Spiritual Reality". Stay blessed.

That is an impressive switch from professional sportsman to poet! I feel like I am on a similar journey and have felt all you described as well, the battle between material and spiritual world but I'm glad to say that the latter is winning the battle.

Keep up the great spiritual work man!

Thank you so much for your kind response and hope that your Spiritual Path will going to empower you in fullest ways. 🙂

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Thank you so much and stay blessed. 🙂