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It's a new year and I'm wasting no time in trying to make sure @rentmoney doesn't win anything this year, he had his chance but this is a new decade with new rules. I don't have to win, as long as someone else wins that isn't him, I'll be happy even if I have to kamikaze this one and take us both out.

So this month top 3 is all about the book worms and while I don't read as much as I would like I do have a few authors I am keen on and will pick up their books now and then, especially with the state of entertainment today.

So who do I turn to when it comes to reading? Well, these 3 unattractive looking dudes have been my go-to of late.

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Timothy Gladwell CM is a Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker and has a really bushy head of hair lol and the man responsible for the 10 000 hours myth. My ex-boss recommended I read his book Outliers and a few years later I left my job to start my own business with the learnings I picked up from the book, thanks, Boss!

I've also read David and Goliath and I'm busy with Talking to Strangers. His work is easy to read and fascinating the way he picks apart certain situations and distil them for you. Each book I've read so far of his has been highly enjoyable.

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Jordon Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and is a YouTube sensation. I found him speaking out about woke culture and listened to him as a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast before getting my hands on his books. I've read maps of meaning and 12 Rules for Life.

While his ideas and content are super interesting they aren't the easiest reads, they don't flow very well and he often makes things unnecessarily complicated and I think rambles on in a way that makes perfect sense to him but to the reader can be a little hard to understand.

He does offer a lot of insight into how the mind works and the motivations behind plenty of the things we do as individuals and society and show us our survival instincts still guide us today and how to understand, control and harness it.

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Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho de Souza is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist, best known for his novel The Alchemist, which every basic bitch including myself has read but I've also read Veronika Decides to Die. Paulo seems to have a thing for providing life lessons in the most abstract of ways which are not really my thing because I prefer it when people get straight to the point but somehow he keeps me intrigued.

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Ha .... when I saw the title I was thinking top 3 on Steem :)

We should have this thing .... its great to give people some recognition!

Nice choice on the authors above as well!

LOL I didn’t even think of that, clearly my click bait headline worked! Sounds like a good idea, hopefully the top3 peeps take it on 😝

Totally fell for that click bait title haha!

Hey @dalz

If you like the look of our contest then why not enter as well! You have a few days until the deadline and there are steem prizes to be won. Here is the main post - and you may even have some favourite steem authors that make your list too!

We also supply a post template to make it easier to enter. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our Discord.

We hope to see your entry.

The Top3 Panel

Yeeeeaaaa buddy! Great to see you enter again man - thank you! No kamikazing required, we have all year baby! And the mini-leagues will provide an additional layer of STEEM earning potential as well, it's going to be ace!

Some great choices here - I left a comment on the yourtop3 account as well - I do like the psychology books, you may like my (illegible) entries I'll be writing about in the coming days as I like that whole social science entrepreneurial stuff too. Not read the Alchemist though, not sure what that says about me haha!

Good luck in the contest mate!

Lol I’m a man on a mission! I don’t mind not winning I mean if I did I wouldn’t be an arsenal fan

Seems we have similar tastes in footy and reading, I’ll be sure to check out your entry

I have to admit I haven't heard of the first two. Sound very interesting. Paul Coelho I have heard of and didn't realize until a post last year or so which quoted bits and pieces that I had an idea of who he is.

Wonderful choices.

Thanks, hope it interests you enough o maybe take a peak into some of what the authors are doing! Jordon and Malcolm both have quite a number of videos on YOuTube and podcast interviews where they discuss their books which can give you an idea of what they about before you dive in

A very interesting selection, Che. I've read some of Gladwell's earlier work but not the more recent. I read The Alchemest, centuries ago, the other I don't know. Much check him out.

Good luck with the contest!

I actually forgot about Malcolm only came across his latest book last month it’s got some pretty interesting anecdotes in it I think if you’re a fan of his previous stuff you’ll enjoy his latest one

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to check out everyone else’s picks so I can steal some of them for my 2020 reading list

And we're off! Pulling out the punches early on. Looks like some great picks here. I have a feeling I'm going to add quite a few choices to my reading list after this round. I'm actually not too familiar with any of these. Of course I've heard of the Alchemist, but would you believe this basic gal actually hasn't read it yet? Good luck knocking the champ down this month and maybe capturing some of those new league prizes. ;)

LOL girl stop being so extra for once and join the basic folk for a bit! You simply must read alchemist and outliers so we can have basic chit chat over coffee

I’m totally keen to see the other recommendations too! Finding new books to read is hard it’s not like movies where they market it all over the damn place! Books I feel you sort of stumble onto them which I kinda like

Haha, I do definitely need to add those to my list. I'll let you know when I complete my homework. I think books are definitely more of a time investment (a good one) than movies, too, so it's nice when you find some people who have similar tastes then you know you can trust their recommendations!

Here let me toss some salt on that for you ...

It's a new year and I'm wasting no time in trying to make sure @rentmoney doesn't win anything this year, he had his chance but this is a new decade with new rules. I don't have to win, as long as someone else wins that isn't him, I'll be happy even if I have to kamikaze this one and take us both out.

@chekohler come on over to the darkside and announce me as your mentor and I'll show you how to become a consistent 2nd place winner in the top3 competition.

Ooop, "banter-lope" spotted at the watering hole 🤣

Yes, I loved Coelho back in day! I have heard a lot about Peterson sincd I have been on Steemit... will have to pick one of his up.

Lol yeah I think We all have to have come across some coelho his books age pretty well

Peterson has become somewhat of a celeb on YOuTube these days I see his even launching his own social media platform

Very nice entry! It's always interesting when reading something about the mind. I haven't read too many myself but one that's always been good to read is The Power Of Now and others like it, although they may not be quite like the ones you have read, bu perhaps a bit along the same lines. Not sure anymore lol. Seems I would have a lot more to read haha.

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So first blood to Chekohler hey! Great that you found inspiration from these three authors in different ways. I get what you mean about some professors making their books unnecessarily complicated, just cut to the chase haha! But looks like you've got a fascination with psychology and how the mind works with these choices and glad your boss made you read Outliers if it's shaped you to where you are now!

Good luck in the contest hey!


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