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RE: Your 2019 report via script πŸ“

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Me! Me!! I don't care if it's horrible and nasty!!! :0D

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I don't care if it's horrible and nasty

It will be fitting.

Exactly. If the cap fits then by golly, I'm wearing it!

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Wayhay!! I'm happy with that!! Cheers man!!! Ah, I bloody loved that animation, I had almost forgotten about it too!!

Merry everything dude, 2020 will be the year of Kings!!

It was a cracker! I suspect they take a fair amount of time but they could be excellent promo tools if produced with this in mind.

Moons and Kings, let's do it!

They could be, I really line doing them but boy, they take serious hours to complete!

Still, they are something to be proud of!

They are :)

Perhaps when Communities/SMT are out in full then they could provide the inspiration. Cheers!

They very well could, I do get fearful about finding a home when communities strike but we will see!!

You are in the creative zone for a kick off. And hopefully the beer reviews will be well received in many places :)