Yard Trouble

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Yard Trouble

Hi Friends,

I have some nice rose bushes around my house that are great, the only problem is they have pollinated and somehow started to grow random bushes around my lawn. Here is one example:


They come up out of no where every once in a while, but I this particular one keeps coming back to life. I must not be getting the roots or something.. oh well, will jus have to keep this yard trouble at bay.

Thanks for coming by,


It's a nice looking lawn you have. I sprayed our lawn today. We're in a rental just now but it's getting hot now and there is more weeds and bindis than grass. If it's just one rogue plant here and there just pull it out. I only use chemicals when its a big problem.

I almost stepped on a hidden cactus in a field. It's Florida so you wouldn't expect cactus here