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~ Sometimes, You Just Gotta Finish The Story ~

Thursday Freewrite Prompt: Disposable Diaper

Something caught the corner of my eye, way across the parking lot, as I slammed the driver's door on Green Fleet number 6004. The official number for my daily 'rig', the unofficial moniker for all our odd-palette green pickup trucks, assigned to us workers of the Forest Service.

It had been a long, long day out in the woods. Way too hot, dry, tons of those small, brown, pesky brain-dead flies banging into my eyes, steep as a cow's face slopes covered in nasty brush, and to add insult to injury, I never DID find 'my' tree plot for the day. Just humped up and down the hills in the thick Rhododendron for ten hours, searching high and low for some non-existent orange flagging, last tied onto the brush somewhere around 1927. Yes, some days just seem to go that way. I was in a dour mood, and just wanted to get home to my trailer, eat a bag of chocolate chip cookies, and forget the day.

That's when it hit me. Both the indelible image, and the humor of it all. Which was sorely needed right about now. It wasn't particularly large, or very dramatic, as such odd things in life go...but was just what the wood's doctor ordered, after my less-than-pleasant day.

~ § ~

As I exited the truck, I glanced across the Forest Service parking lot, over toward the only store for miles around. A small, unassuming building about a hundred yards away, straight across from our front office, fully visible through the local city park. (Though calling the small, postage stamp collection of buildings in Lowell a city, is a far stretch.) Irregardless of its size, I would still call this diminutive rectangle of recreation in the city center VERY cute. A tiny green patch of well-mown grass, creatively ornated with various pieces of antique logging equipment, a lone picnic table, a 3-seat swing set, and a six foot-tall working model of a lumber-mill wigwam burner.

As for the Lowell General Store and Mercantile across the street from the park, it's one of those classic places you see in most tiny towns, USA. A small stone and wood building put up long ago in better town times. Standard square, almost-flat roofed buildings, with large front door, glass plate windows advertising in hand painted signs all sorts of local dry goods, finely appointed with hand-hewn wooden benches out on the porch front, placed next to the 1945 Coca Cola machine.

Most days these benches were populated with a few older men, chugging coffee, spitting chewing tobacco into the gravel, and discussing riveting life events, both past and present. Though on this day, the benches were empty. Which no doubt helped make this whole event possible. No one around to end up any the wiser.

~ § ~

As I slammed my truck door, a blue sedan pulled up to the small rental house, ten or so feet to the right of the Mercantile. The car crunched to a stop in the gravel driveway that separated the store and rental, and the driver got out and leaned on the top of the car with his elbows for a moment or two. Nothing strange on a regular day, but for some reason, the lad had that unmistakable look. Like he'd just swallowed a small yellow bird. As I turned away to lock my rig door, I noticed him quickly duck back into the front seat, with only his tennis shoes and shins still visible through the open, drivers-side door.

My rig safely locked, I turned back toward the store, just in time to catch a brief glimpse of a small, white orb, arcing it's way across the deep blue summer sky, up toward the flat store roof. "What the...?"

Edging over behind my truck, to remain unseen, I watched and waited, as the young man pitched headlong into the front seat once again. This time returning with more of the odd, white ammo, tucked into his arms. No doubt still digesting the unfortunate bird, the lad took a quick glance around in all directions, then with his best Kareem Abdul-Jabbar imitation, hook-shot one of the round, white things up onto the flat store roof. Followed close behind, one after the other, by the rest of these small, white basketballs pulled from the front seat. He then glanced around one last time, to see who might be spying on him, then hopped up the steps and disappeared into the small house.

~ § ~

I broke into a wide grin as I wandered across the lawn between the Ranger Station buildings toward my trailer at the far edge of of the compound. All the nastiness of the difficult day in the forest I'd just returned from was completely wiped free from my complaining memory cells. I broke into a pleasant smile, then on to a serious, huffing-ly fun chuckle. Followed by wondering out loud, to no one in particular for miles around, if I could manage a quick ride in the fire helicopter the following Saturday.
"I seriously doubt that Bud the pilot would go for it...not exactly official government business, this...but then again, it would be WELL worth the risk. For both of us. I'm sure he'd LOVE to see what I had just discovered, from an aerial, bird's-eye view."

Yes, it would be a real hoot, to count how many pairs of disposable diapers had found their way up onto the roof of the local Lowell General Store and Mercantile, over the past few years. Deposited 'up top' by the thrifty neighbors. One can only imagine. And also wonder what it must smell like, up on that flat, hot, tar-covered roof in the middle of the blazing summer months. Maybe they're those special, 'Heaven Scent ' Huggies, the one's guaranteed to smell fresh, no matter what. The one's that cost an extra $1.27 a box.

We can always hope.


~ Finto ~

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Five Minute Freewrite Post by @mariannewest
Post: Five Minute Freewrite ~ Thursday Prompt: Disposable Diaper

Author's Note:

This is not a true, Five Minute Freewrite. Or even a Standard, 28 Minute- Five Minute Freewrite. So I made up a NEW category. (We seem to be expanding here...). Sorry, couldn't help myself. Sometimes these short Freewrites cause a mental stir, and things take off, and before you know it, I've laid total waste to the little electronic, five minute timer. (Mentally, I'm not about to break my friendly, digital time management assistant.) It is important to also note, I do edit these short tomes. After all, that's what this writing thing seems to be all about.

So thank you for reading, and have a most wondrous day, if that seems like something you would like to do. -dds

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Aha! So is not even 56 minutes, is way more! Wait, you have to use a time that can be divided into 5 so you can say it took you a certain number of 5 minutes eh.. This story took you 11.2 5 minute stories... So basically u wrote 11.2 short stories... about diapers... ahahahaha

Merry christmas DD! 🎅🎄⛄❄

Help me, I canna help myself. I just get going, and keep on going and going and going. I should figure that time thing out, but so glad I have you for some higher math here. Divisible by 5, brilliant I say, brilliant! Though I must ponder 10.2 more stories about diapers now. My day is set. Though I do have at least one, see OGP comment below. Disposable baby exudae bags, the gift that keeps on giving.
Merry Christmas to you as well, I hope the season is going along smoothly, fun, and full of wonderful snack cookies. [Appropriate Emoji's here, as I don't know where they are on my computer...]

Wonder how many it would take to break the camels back and have a cave in of white orbs lol

Ha haa, wouldn't THAT be yucky over on aisle three. It was classic, seeing it all in real time. I used to do garbage pickup in the woods, and the Hefty bags of multiple Huggies were one odd thing. After a time in the woods, they turned to some sort of odd, green glowing gel that looked like disposable baby pants from the planet Zorpp. Never did figure that one out.


Excellent plot, spectacular all the writing, Curie voted you for your born talent :p

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you so much, that is very kind and nice to hear. It is fun to put thought to paper, that's for sure. Even if they do get a bit loonnngg, now and then ( :
Greetings back from the Northwest of the U.S., and cheers to a nice weekend.

Hi ddschteinn,

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Thanks a whole bunch, @curie, I sure do appreciate the vote and message. Keep up the great work you do on the site, it is appreciated more than you know. Cheers and Happy Holidays.

Lol at the massive minute freewrite! Diapers are where it's at :0D

I do get carried away as the little clock ticks away, now and then. What can I say, except maybe making up a new category. So far I haven't been invited to leave ( :
I'm pretty sure you have many more diaper stories than I, though I seriously doubt your neighbor's roof is covered with them. Once again, we can only hope...cheers to a good holiday coming up.

I had a neighbour once who used to throw hers out into the garden. Almost as if she thought they would decomposer within minutes into something soily. That could be entertaining when the wind picked up!

Eewg. Sounds like the neighbor might not have paid much attention in Biology 101. I used to have a roommate that threw his old leftover Ramen noodles out into our bush out back, but that's much better than diapers. More of an eyesore than a nosesore.
Noodles don't stink. I think.

It's great that you started writing again. I was happy to see it and upvoted your post a few days ago. Your post is shorter than before but it's still long for me and it's hard for me to understand. Sorry, but, I'm not good at English. I think it's better to leave no comment about your story. ;D

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! ;))))

Thank you my friend, I am glad to be messing about once again in the writing world. I hope to do more soon. I had knee surgery, so sitting at a computer has been impossible. But it's getting better now, so I hope to be 'normal' someday soon, whatever that normal might be ( :

It is a shorter post, (though longer than 5 minutes...) and I can't even imagine how hard it would be to understand my writing in another language. It's hard enough to read in English O :
But you do very well. And your English has improved quite a lot since you have been on the site. Congratulations on all that hard work. I fear I am very lazy, and only know one language. Oh well. Embrace your lazy, I always say.

I hope you have a most marvelous holiday season as well. And a prosperous and happy New Year, with many grand things coming your way. Keep smiling, and eat some wonderful Thai food for me ( :

Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that you had knee surgery. I do really hope you will be "normal" very soon.

Many thanks for your understanding and for your kind words for me. These can encourage me very much. I'll try my best!

You are not lazy, but you are lucky that you can contact with many people around the world with your "one language". That's really great!

Have a wonderful and happy holiday, GFF!

p.s. : I always eat many Thai foods for you and I'm now fat for you as well. Um! Keep smiling, Tangmo, I always tell to myself..... ;D

hi dear @ddschteinn, you wrote a really funny story !! keep on,
congratulations on your post and curie vote

Thanks, I appreciate the look and compliment. Hope your holiday is a nice one, and I agree, keep on Steemin' on ( :

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