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RE: IWAS -- Vol. 2 No. 11 ~ Happy Ne'kid (Cake) New Years (A Theme For The Holidays Seems To Be Developing Here) ~ QSFW* ~

Oh! An excellent choice for the New Year Celebration! Good for your wallet and it looks really yummy! Um! I'm a cake lover!!!

I also do really hope that the "mondo cakes" will be on sale in "Thailand" as well. This yellow one is so amazing and looks funny. I haven't seen the one like this before.

Happy Birthday to you, GFF!

I know, we were born in the same month. That’s one of the important reasons why we are “good friend forever”….. ;)


Yes, cake makes the world go round. And even faster spinning if you add ice cream ( :
Do they decorate cakes in Thailand, at the store? That is a big deal here, and folks buy them for birthdays and such. Like ours ( ; Though I've never bought any. Made some sad looking ones before, but this is one of the first 'buys'. And it was GOOOOOD. Have a great day, GFF

Well said! Cake with ice cream can make the world "faster spinning". Yeah! Extremely yummy!

We decorate cakes in Thailand too, but most of them are in beauty themes; i.e. cartoons (Doraemon, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc.) or flowers, but I have never seen the ones like "mondo cakes" that you shared.

It's good to know that this is one of your first "buys"..... The last cake that I bought for my birthday was a very long time ago. Your post inspires me to find a special cake for my coming birthday as well. Many thanks for this, GFF.

Have a wonderful day! ;)