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RE: IWAS -- Vol. 2 No. 11 ~ Happy Ne'kid (Cake) New Years (A Theme For The Holidays Seems To Be Developing Here) ~ QSFW* ~

What is this? A visual punishment for those who can't eat so much sweet? ... It looks like a post with ultra-secret messages. hahahahaha I'm kidding
It's a super fun post and I confess that I would buy the cake for $ 2.99 and make a meeting to share it and discuss your imagination of nuptials with nudists hahahaha
Cheers @ddschteinn


Yes, secret messages abound in versacode, muuhaaah (said with wringing of hands). OK, maybe not, I just love cake. Sorry to put the crimp in the healthy eating desires, though to be honest, it's a daily fight here on this front too. Why DOES sugary/fatty/badforya stuff have to taste so...GooooD! Life is not always fair. If only broccoli and kale came with healthful frosting on top. Large sigh.

I'm sure we could have much fun discussing cake and nudiken weddings, and many other joys of life, while eating a small cake, if such a meet were to be had. Though finding a cheap cake is no easy job. And this one is almost gone ( :

Cheers to a Saturday without rain or snow, and Happy New Years as well.