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RE: IWAS -- Vol. 2 No. 11 ~ Happy Ne'kid (Cake) New Years (A Theme For The Holidays Seems To Be Developing Here) ~ QSFW* ~

I feel that you and I are two of the same creature just living in different dimensions and somehow both mysteriously talking to each other through steem. I too think nudist wedding in regard to naked cakes :)

I trust the cake was delicious despite the marbles. Frankly, I have not met a non-delicious cake.


Ha haa, yes, I've often felt that we are two peas of SOME pod, in your take on life and view of things through the humorous lens of the written word, something you do very well. I'd never heard of the naked cake before, so it did conjure forth all sorts of oddities in the graymatter sphere. Alas, just boring thin frosting.
It WAS a delicious cake. once again, a parallel view askew (thank you, Kevin and Jay)...few things go together better, and taste as good, as cake and ice cream. Maybe some for dessert after a pizza?
(I'm STILL not sure what those marbles are made of. Elmers Glue and powdered sugar?) Yikes²