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While with my boss and role model today at our Steem Meet-Up Center discussing about the trending things and new developments on the platform as well as how we could be more involved in Steem, he briefly chipped in something which I would like to share with us today.


Many a times, we are made to believe that we receive blessings from God by simply shouting ‘amen’ during prophetic declarations. But it is not so! There are conditions attached to every blessing and if you must be entitled to a particular blessing from God, you must ensure to fulfill the attached condition(s) without which you will never access the blessing.

When we look at the case of Isaac, Esau and Jacob, we discover that Isaac who was their father did not just begin blessing them. To show that blessings are earned, he demanded something from his son before blessing him. Unfortunately, Esau could meet the father’s condition on time whereas Jacob was able to; he (Esau) lost the blessing to the one who met the conditions of the blessing.

More so, taking Jesus Christ as a case study, Jesus never pronounced any blessing without an accompanying condition(s). In the book of Matthew 5 which talks about the beatitudes, you will discover that there were conditions in all cases. He did not just say, ‘you will inherit the earth’ but He made it known that you must be meek first in order to inherit and acquire the fullness of the earth.

Owing to this, we should always pay cognizance to the conditions because you will not access any of God’s blessings except you fulfill them. In John 3:16, God spelt out the foremost condition and it is being ‘BORN AGAIN’; not conforming to the ways of the world. It is only one you are born again that you can have life eternal. Eternal life is not for everyone but for those who give their life to Christ.

Let us no longer be carried away by eloquent pronouncements and declarations rather let us humbly seek to know the conditions and live up to them. By so doing, the blessings God has in store for us will be ours.


Thank you brother @Tomlee for the insightful share of God's word. Every blessing requires a responsibility.

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