My Thoughts in this Time - A Bonnie Legion swimy mind color rant on words and life

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"Color - This piece shows infinite colors that show a contrast between the lights and darks. The sunset reflects off the water which creates a
shading with different colors. It creates a warm, calming, cozy feel."
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There is a lot of conflict between ideas all over this planet. There is a struggle with cross opinions with younger and older generations. I think it is important that we look at what older generations are saying because they have been here on this planet longer, they understand things in some ways that we may not. On the flip side, I think it is important to look at what younger generations are saying because the world is always changing and they are seeing things from a new perspective and new horizons are in front of them. There is a wide range of confusion on certain words and there meanings or definitions. Let's take the word Socialism, for example, trying to make this simple as possible in my own head, I believe older generations see Socialism as a bad thing, you hear a lot about Hitler and Fidel Castro, they are concerned and are letting people know, look at what happened here under socialist policies. Then you have the younger generations who are seeing the word socialism thrown around with new policy ideas that they see as helping the world and they are not understanding the dangers the older generations are throwing out. Let's make the word Socialism a Steak Knife. Some people see the steak knife as having been used for something awful in the past, something that led to pain and suffering and needless death, a steak knife can kill people and threaten people. Some people see the steak knife as something that can have a useful and practical purpose that is helpful in many ways, how we can use it for good things and not these bad things. I think it is important to see what danger exists in the past with something and use that to progress on how to use it more effectively in the future. The point here in my long rant is words can have a wide range of meanings and feelings behind them. The same thing can go for Capitalism. I see many people against Capitalism nowadays, I think the same thing here as with the word and meaning of Socialism, both of these tools or ideas can be used in a positive way or negative way. This is in no way an argument for or against Socialism or Capitalism or in any way a definition lesson. It's a perspective thing. The thing is we need to be able to come together with past ideas in mind and experience and new ideas and progressive innovation. Now that's another word I keep hearing that some people just hate. Progressive. or maybe LIBERAL these words scare the shit out of some people. Why because of things that happened with those words in the past. I think there are people out there who want to take these words and move them into the future in a more positive way. I really think we are trying to do this with everything. Life is about progress. Seed to tree to forest to planet, dust to sand to stone to mountain to planet, rain drop to puddle to ocean to planet, womb to baby to teenager to young adult to elderly to planet. We were once cavemen living in caves and now we are on the brink of or moving into or in the beginning phases of civilized society. I have hope for the future. I think we can make that future bright by looking at the past and seeing things that failed and how they failed and looking toward the future to see how we can make things better. I look at my children and I see amazing things. I know they will see and be aware of things that I may miss, that I may not at first understand, but I know they are looking at a new horizon, a new dream. I believe in them and trust them, I hope I can guide them with my experiences so that their new and fresh ideas can become amazing realities for everyone.

Socialism, Capitalism, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Republican and so forth, even Christian, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim, Buddist, Anarchist, Agnostic and so forth, they are just words, like colors of various hue, with a wide infinite possibility of meaning.

I don't want to see us fight, I want to see us come together in awesome ways and create a great life experience on this planet, now and for future generations. I think there is a lot of bitter people out there because of all the hardship they been through. A lot of people who don't see a way in all the confusion, but I still think there is hope and love in most all peoples hearts. Let's not hate each other lets not self destruct let's help each other out anywhere we can, let's listen, let's believe together and manifest through ourselves and our children a great new day.

The virus has us all fowled up across the planet, strange and interesting things are happening, scary things are happening and it looks like things may get worse. There are most def. people out there with bad agendas, and most def people out there with good agendas. We cannot know everything or see everything. But we can control ourselves and how we act. Washing your hands and staying in seems reasonable to me when you have an illness spreading around killing thousands of people. Trying to have patience love and understanding for those around you seems reasonable to help things flow easily during hard times. Support seems reasonable anywhere it can be given. There is no time to fight or argue. To every person in my life, I see you and trust you and believe in you, that you are doing the best you can with what you got to work with. I really believe in us humans, I think we are a majority strong of people who really only want to see health and well being for themselves and the planet. I think we overpower negative forces and the minority of true evil on this planet. I love you all and wish you all many amazing things every day. Your happiness throws out vibes into the universe that makes my world a better place.

Bless you all bigtime

Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Thank you Bonnie for your thoughts. I believe that the virus was a lab-produced biological weapon to advance certain agendas and was intentional or a 'plandemic'. I do not blame the Chinese or anyone government. But event 201 foreshadowed this. I fear the end result will be a loss of freedoms a world government or currency following this virus. Be safe healthy and wise

There is so much happening out there it is wild, information coming in from every direction imaginable and it's hard to see through the fog. I hope we all get a clearer picture of the truth here soon. I have overall hopes but def think we are gonna face some hard times. I am mostly hoping we at least get to see things more clearly as a whole in our lifetimes.

Well said. Thanks Bonnie. Wishing you health, safety and wisdom during this time.