Chronicles of 7 souls: when dreams become nightmares

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Chronicles of 7 souls:

When dreams become nightmares

When dreams become a real nightmare, that's when I regret dreaming. I was a young girl perhaps a little innocent with a lot of desire to dream, my passion, the dance. Since I was a little girl the sweet sound of music inspired my body and it was like the oil of an engine that made everything inside me work. Even though I was an excellent student, I was very sure that my path was not to be behind a desk following bureaucratic patterns, on the contrary, I wanted to be free and express the passion I felt for moving my hips right to my beautiful long hair.

My father totally denied that I was making a career out of dancing, he always made sure that I got the best grades, the first place as the best student with the private classes of the tutors he hired for me, something that took up most of my time. So I was not happy, I felt tied to other people's dreams instead of taking my own path and charting the beginning of my dreams. However, my mother, who was separated from my father, when I visited her it was the opposite, she wanted the best for me, what I felt in my heart, but she was like a glass that could easily be broken before my father, and to contradict her was something that would have serious consequences.

The classes in high school were over, and my father was predisposed to send me out of the country, under the pretext of taking me away from my mother since she supported me, listened to me even though she could not help me to carry out my dream. What he didn't know was that his plans for my future would be the opportunity to feel more free.

Hundreds of miles separated me from the person who had tied me down. I lived in a rented apartment and my father gave me a job in one of his many companies, probably to keep me busy and under surveillance as long as possible. My nightmare could not have been worse, it was not that I hated working to support myself and study, but that being behind a desk made me feel somewhat useless for what I really wanted to be, a beautiful and famous dancer.

The days for me were exhausting, a routine that was consuming an important part of my life, but that had to change somehow, I had to plan something very well so that my father wouldn't notice.

On the way to work I saw a sign for a famous dance place where they opened registration for summer classes. I didn't doubt it for a second, I knew this would be the beginning of my real life career. So in the daytime I was an office worker and in the evening a radiant and happy young woman fulfilling her dream. The dance classes fit my needs, the schedule was flexible, the teachers very understandable according to my situation as a university student and part-time worker.

Until one day my life took a 360-degree turn. A mature man of about 35 years of age offered me a contract to work in his bar as a dancer, and I really needed to get an extra job since I had to pay for the dance classes, and for no reason could I ask my father because he would find out the whole truth.

I accepted on the condition that I could show up at hours that would not affect my studies, much less my work, and I could perhaps sacrifice a few nights of dance classes. To which, for my luck, he accepted. For the other dancers I was not a stranger, I had previously inquired a bitabout their background and the gentleman was a recognized talent scout, which led me to think that I could get many more contracts in the future and become a dancer perhaps some famous singer.

I organized myself and the first presentations began, at first I was nervous, but after hearing the applause of the spectators and flattery I felt more confident. Everything was going well for a while, my father thought that I was only studying and working in his company and my mother supported me in the distance with my new dream that had taken a good direction.

One night at the end of the last presentation of my contract, a man comes up to me and gives me a business card, offering me the contract of my life. I was happy with the idea of being part of a famous artist's corps de ballet. So between joy and innocence I accepted. We had to travel to another country for a long time, so I asked for a vacation from my job with the excuse that I had a field trip to the university. I was lucky, I felt blessed to the heavens, to the fact that everything was going to happen.

I traveled with my manager and met some well known choreographers who praised me for my beauty and body ensuring that life had an excellent artistic path for me. However that night at the hotel while I was resting after taking a hot shower, someone knocks on the door of my room, me thinking that it was my manager or some food service, I open the door and feel that I am pushed to the floor, I am beaten unconscious. I don't know how long I was like this, but when I woke up I was in a dark place, and I wasn't alone, I was with other women around me, tied up and with my mouth covered just like me.

Soon after, some men with passports in hand came in, saying that our lives belonged to them and that we had to work for them in order to get rid of them. I quickly shed my tears, I knew it was a prostitution ring, I didn't know my life would end this way. Some women took off our clothes and classified us as if we were animals. They put us in a watering can and poured water on us to wash our bodies, screaming for help was to ensure our death, so I simply plunged into my mental agony and shut out all the pain that my thought was screaming inside me. For that very day I had been taken out of my virginity for the first man I had to have sex with, it was the head of the entire prostitution network who was in charge of testing and releasing each new recruit. Since then I had to sleep with more than five men every day, sometimes as many as 10. It was like living in hell, there came a time when I felt no pain, sadness or desire to live.

Until one night when, while I was waiting for the next client, shots were heard and the peculiar sound that alarmed me immediately, it was the police who were confronting all the members who were recruiting women. Amidst screams and blood running on the floor, I covered my ears and got under the bed, until everything calmed down. It was not certain that the police could handle all of them, so I had to take the opportunity to perhaps escape at the last minute.

Suddenly I feel someone grabbing my leg and dragging me. In desperation, I hit him without understanding that it was a policeman who, on looking at him, simply started crying like crazy. He put a sheet over me and asked me to close my eyes to get out of the place. As I walked I could feel something slimy on my feet, I knew it was blood. When I came out I opened my eyes and I knew that I was the only survivor, all those women had died in the confrontation, many tried to escape but were killed on the way.

That day, deep inside me, she thanked me for being alive despite having lived through such a terrible experience. I don't care about my dream anymore, I just wanted to go home and hug my mother and father. I no longer wanted to think about my future, but to live in my present, facing the consequences of a nightmare I had lived in my own flesh.

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