My Roleplay stories! (Part 2) Highway of revenge.

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My roleplay stories.


Short intro.

This is a story about a demonic female on the look for what was taken from her many moons ago!
Black wings whisper about the ending in the darkness of life. A heart full of pain and suffering from those who whispered her name in the last seconds of their life. A soul given for work well done, yet a million screams inside enough to make a demon go mad.

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Highway of revenge.

I made up my mind while I took my shower. The steaming cabin changed my vision of what was to come and to have that happen, I need to meet him, again. Not in his dress, not with his roses, but as who I am today. A monster he helped to create with his actions many moons ago. In my normal clothes, stone-washed jeans, black tank top, and a green blazer, I make my way to the one spot that will always remind me of so many things. The tears I cried when I thought I found the love of my life. The screams and fights when I found out he betrayed me. The romance, the flowers, the soft music. Our first meeting, the first kiss. The way his fingers feel against my hungry skin. The fire between us. This place turned from Heaven on earth to the Hell of life.

I believed once upon a time, in a love so deep that nothing would be able to destroy it. But, I am no longer the dreamer I was. I woke up and opened my eyes to the truth and pain that love can cost. Love is real but it's not always what you want it to be. I did blame him for a while but I realized that I was there as well, I let him hurt me in the way he did. I was blinded by the intense emotions in my heart. Blessed be the demon with a heart and soul, fuck my life at some point! The gift I got is a nightmare at the same time. When I love, I do it deeply and with a passion but when you break my heart, my hate will overcome all the pain it costs me.

I can smell him because of the fragile wind that carries his scent to my nostrils. His footsteps becoming louder when he turns the corner and sees me for the first time in a hundred years. My first instinct is to flash myself before him and stab him with the dagger behind my pants. To slam my hand in his chest and yank his heart from his chest. To spit in his face followed by at least three hard slaps. To set him on fire and burn him again till his ashes become ashes.

"I knew you would come, Cathy!"

His voice is low and still soothes me ways I can't explain. I tuck a strand of my hair behind my left ear and face the other way.

"I am here but not for you! I am here to take back what belongs to me."

I almost hiss my words in anger and then I feel his fingers slowly trailing over the back of my neck.

To be continued!


This is a peek into my Roleplay world. Please keep in mind that roleplay writing is totally different than when you write a book. Most roleplayers write in third person but like always, I am the weird one in the mix. I prefer first person! These stories are a hobby for me, so they are not perfect nor do I aim for that! I write mostly solo but I also love to write with others because that gives a totally different feeling!

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