99 words daily stories! Jilt.

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99 words daily stories!




He looked me in the eyes like always, full of love and gentle care.

He always took care of everything and never forgot a special date. Ten years we spend together, hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder. Two peas in a pod! Nothing could keep us apart.

Last night, he went down on his knees, candles burning and shiny ring offered to my fingers. Will you marry me, the question asked with so much emotion. I lowered my eyes upon him and saw what I never saw before.

I ran, did not look back. I need to be free.


I love doing these 99 word stories on a daily basis! I might skip a day here and there, but I always come back to them. They tickle my brain in a creative way. Forcing me to tell my story as fast as posible without forgetting about details! I hope you enjoy reading them!

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Interesting story, intriguing