99 words daily stories! Heterodox.

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99 words daily stories!




My thoughts are dark and mostly not to be spoken about!

My looks match my inner being yet not those of the outside world. The bright light of the Sun makes me feel sick while the darkness of the night fits me like a glove.

I breathe pain and speak despair while others share their colorful life in photos all over the world. They laugh, I plot. They smile, I bleed.

I possess the mind of a killer, a hunter if you may.
I seek and watch while others live.
I don't fit society, I am HETERODOX and proud


I love doing these 99 word stories on a daily basis! I might skip a day here and there, but I always come back to them. They tickle my brain in a creative way. Forcing me to tell my story as fast as posible without forgetting about details! I hope you enjoy reading them!

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