99 words daily stories! Billensgate.

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99 words daily stories!




Fingers reached but returned empty!

A shock went through the whole room and silence fell in hard as thunder. A once gentle face now causing shivers of fear on all the faces in the room. No movement, only breathing and even that could be too much.

So small, so cute and yet a danger when she opens her mouth on many occasions.

"Who fucking drank the last coffee? Do I need to slice you a new asshole? You all fucking know I will!"

The billensgate coming from her lips this morning was nothing new. One day she will kill.


I love doing these 99 word stories on a daily basis! I might skip a day here and there, but I always come back to them. They tickle my brain in a creative way. Forcing me to tell my story as fast as posible without forgetting about details! I hope you enjoy reading them!

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