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RE: Weekend Freewrite -2/15/2020 - Single Prompt Option CONTINUATION: filthy rich

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I am touched that you put my little story into your epic work! Excellent elaboration on what might have occurred. I'm not sure if I hope she did it on purpose or not, but I'm glad it's not provable. Thank you for continuing this.


Thank you for the great prompt, so full of possibility ... it was the fact that he was already in bed that opened the door ... with that diet and that attitude, he had to be hanging on by a thread!

I left it a little open to interpretation, and had Captain Hamilton investigate it because he is brilliant but compassionate, and with a firm sense of the limits of the law and human justice ... give him this kind of toss-up, and he will almost always opt to err on the side of caution and mercy, trusting that divine justice will catch up ... remember he said that IF she has a clear conscience, he hopes she enjoys the inheritance! Unstated is his knowledge: if she doesn't, she won't!

I see the trust in divine justice in most of your stories. I love that about them. I am touched that you found enough value in my story to use it not once but twice!

Oh, there was a whole novel in that prompt, but, unlike the way it fell out in November for @nanowrimo, I just didn't have the time -- the year has started off with my hands FULL!

You have indeed picked up one of the two great themes of all my writing: divine justice (because human justice fails but is not the final arbiter). The other is redemption (divine grace and mercy). Captain Hamilton, Rev. and Mrs. Baxter, and Mrs. Thornton are the characters who represent full and untroubled acceptance of these matters: they do all that they can and don't worry about what they can't because they have devout faith in God that He will do what only He can. This is actually how I basically live from day to day, although life in Big Loft is less messy than, say, life in real San Francisco!