Like Father Like Son- Chapter 12

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It was then it dawned on him that it was Leke who had been snoring when he thought it was the snoring of animals at the school ranch.

He moved to Leke's seat and collected the note books on his table. Leke was so fast asleep that he was unaware of the happenings around him. Deji wanted to
assist his younger brother in writing his notes. Back on his seat, he hurriedly started copying from Seyi's notebook into his younger brother's. After he had
finished writing and was going to return the notebooks to Leke, a fifty naira note fell down from Seyi's notebook. He picked up the money and put it back in the notebook.

Seyi was too careless with money. Leke was right, this could have been the way he lost the party money. Deji was thoughtful. He felt he should inform Leke about it and he woke him up.
Leke opened his eyes but Deji could not have his attention for a moment as he momentarily dropped into sleep. When he got his attention, Deji said: 'I found a fifty naira note inside the notebook Seyi lent you.


You mean the book I borrowed from him?' Leke asked, forcing his eyes opened

'Yes, of course,' said Deji as he showed him the naira note lying inside the book.
'I don't think he forgot the money there. This 2 fiíty naira and the hundred naira you found in the one as he lent you, I'm sure he put them there deliberately,'
0 Seyi said with conviction.
"And what is that supposed to mean?'

'So, you haven't got the message?'
‘A set-up?'

'Yes, you're right!' Deji said, alarmed. 'It is a confirmatory test to show whether we are thieves or not. I'm sure he will be very glad to see us return the $ books without the money on Monday. And we are going to disappoint him.
'That means Şeyi doesn't believe we had no hand in the incessant stealing in the class,' Deji said surprise ingly. 'I'm sure he is not working in isolation. Mrs.
d Redford knows about it.'
'You mean he is working on Mrs. Redford's directive?' Leke asked precariously. 'But it's not impossible or is it?

"You're right,' said Leke and checked his time,
'It's about the time we finish the lesson,' he notified anxiously.
Deji checked his time and saw it was 4.30pm.
'Let's go. I need to see Brother Jimmy before he closes for the day, Deji said and headed for his seat,

While Deji was packing the books on his table into his bag, Leke was ready with his bag on his back.
The two looked odd as they set out of the classroom into the deserted school compound. It was their first
time of leaving the school late.

Deji flagged down a taxi and the two jumped in.
While inside the taxi, they decided to see Brother Jimmy immediately instead of going home first. They were eager to know if he would be interested in buying the cassettes and the rate at which he would buy each.
After about fifteen minutes of driving, the taxi pulled up at a kerb and the two alighted. They crossed the other side of the road and continued trekking.
His shop is just a few metres ahead,'Deji said in a tone that depicted motivation as he saw Leke appearing tired.
they saw Brother Jimmy with a church bell in his hand and his old video cassettes displayed on the ground pride and contempt.
dyou know I have moved here?' Brother Jimmy confronted them smartly.