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What actually comes to your mind when you hear or see the word “Goodtimes Virus”?..well, I hope it’s not just what I am thinking because some biologist may think of Goodtimes virus as another type of virus causing more harm to plants and animals. Anyways, I actually don’t blame anyone having that type of personal discretion because we all view things differently most especially when it comes to subject matters like this since the word “virus” is included in the context.

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Another person may define Goodtimes virus as a developed program written by a particular person for the main purpose of affecting the state of well being of the computer system. I am sure such definition will surely be produced by computer gurus because when they hear the word “virus”, they automatically relate it to computer system just like the biologist relates virus to any form of pathogens that can cause any havoc to plant and animals as I have stated earlier from the beginning of this post.

This content is actually going to be focused on Goodtimes Virus as related to computer system.
This means that you just need to make your mind delve into the aspect of computer system and ignore anything that has to do with biology for now since we are not discussing about pathogens which causes harm to plants and animals. You can actually think about this as pathogens causing problems to the computer system developed by an individual or group of people which affects the state of well being of the computer system known as "Computer Virus.”


I know computer virus may sound strange to some computer novice reading this content but you don’t need to worry because I am a very nice person who loves teaching and writing for fun. I just hope you won’t allow me use my cane on you if you are already getting distracted while reading this content (smiles).Anyway, that’s just a pretty joke by the way before some people start developing different thought about me. Grab your popcorn with a chilled drink and let’s get down to business!

Brief Review About Computer Virus

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I am actually going to make this very brief just to enable you to understand how viruses affects the computer system. A computer virus is a form of malicious software which are developed by virus writers such that when executed,it replicates itself by modifying other computer programs by inserting its own code. There are different types of computer viruses developed by virus writers which explains the fact that Goodtimes Virus is one of the type of computer virus which affects the working functionality of the computer system.
I hope you now have the brief idea about how computer virus operates, lets now discuss about one of the most dangerous virus which can cause more problem to the computer system. This is the “Goodtimes Virus”.

Goodtimes virus a form of computer virus developed by some group of virus writers on the month of November in the year 1994. Some computer analyst were of the view that Goodtimes virus was developed in 1997 by the cult of the dead cow hacker for the main purpose of proving gullibility of self proclaimed experts on the internet. This type of virus used to be sent as a means of email containing the header “Good Times” in addition to some malware programs and warnings.

The level of hoax created by goodtimes virus led to the interference of the United State Federal Communications Commission making them create more awareness about the existence of the dangerous virus which could easily wipe away one’s email messages when clicked mistakenly. The sample email quoted was sent to all internet users during that period as a means of a precaution.

”FYI,a file, going under the name Good Times is being sent to some internet users who subscribe to on-line services. If you should receive this file, do not download it! Delete it immediately because there is a virus in that file which will ruin all your files if downloaded to your personal computers.”

The Good Times virus had really caused lot of havoc to computer systems such that it can destroy the hard drive if the computer system is infected with such a dangerous virus. There are also different subject lines mentioned in the email sent via Goodtime virus which includes the following “Free Money” , “Penpal greetings”,”Deeyenda”, “Invitation”, and “win a holiday”.

It is observed that these subject lines are just so very enticing and deceitful for the main purpose of attracting people to fall into the trap which can lead to the infection of the virus in the computer system.
There are also various forms of viruses that functions in a way similar to Good Times virus such as the “ILOVEYOU virus”,”Melissa worm”, and the “Anna Kournikova Virus”. There are also some cases whereby the internet user must open a program or document compulsorily which leads to the spreading of the virus.

The Goodtimes Virus has actually caused more harm than good and much thanks to the antivirus developers and other cyber security agencies who are really striving hard to reduce or eradicate the effect of dangerous viruses like Good Time and other related viruses.

I hope we can surf the internet safe and secure without any form of malware or virus programs inflicted in our computer system.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


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