Hidden verses: Free will and power

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Free will and power

Many of us have heard
what you sow, you'll have to reap,
these words are so true
that there is no doubt or other course of action.

Life guides us
to do evil but also to do good,
we are ourselves
we act and it's up to us to choose.

Both things are easy
as dictated by the depths of your being,
but something if it's sure that responsible we should be,
to assume the consequences when the bad comes to defeat the good.

Let us not be unconscious
when it's our turn to pick up,
what we decided to sow
wanting different things to get.

Every person in life
has in his hands the great power,
to decide what he wants, even though many of them
deny it and try to contain it.

That's why no one else will have to be,
the one responsible for what happens to us.
and a lot less than we decided without getting to see,
the consequences and the dangers we might have.

The roads are marked
and only you can decide to walk on it,
are so different
who don't hide what you find when you walk through it.

One is immense and wide and most of them pass through it,
there are no restrictions
and everything is done to those who seem to them
according to his conscience and desires also

The other is narrow and few are led by it,
there are limitations
to guide you in your course of action,
will allow you to meditate and have good performances.

Let's be wise when it comes to choosing,
tranquility is worth gold
but problems can drive you crazy,
limiting your whole life and not being able to turn back time.