Life On a Whim

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I suck at planning. Or more accurate, I suck at executing my carefully thought out plans. I can come up with a master plan on how to create something amazing, but then I might never actually do it.

I hate, absolutely hate, putting things on a calender and promising I’d do this and that, and be there with that person on this exact date two weeks from here. There is no way I can know if I want to be around humans on that day, and if I’m feeling creative or if I’m up to task at that particular time. I’m very moody you see.

Everything I do is kind of planned, but then executed on a whim. To someone looking on the outside, many things I do look like I just got the idea last minute and decided to do it. For example when I quit my job at a hotel almost three years ago, most people were super surprised and some actually accused me of leaving them in trouble because it was so sudden. I gave the standard two weeks notice, just like it says on the contract.

I had been actually planning it for months and months, putting things in motion and when I felt it was time, I quit.

When I plan things, I never put them on a timeline. Sometimes I have vague ideas of what I want to do, and sometimes really carefully planned creative ideas that I know I want to make happen, at some point in time.

I jot down little ideas, gather information, inspiration and supplies, imagine how things will come together eventually. I have a huge bank full of ideas and shoots I want to do, and when a right time comes, I can create something good, while making it all look effortless.

Sometimes my ideas brew for years, and I slowly gather pieces and knowledge I need. Then some day, when the moon is at the right position, the light is right, I have everything I need, and most importantly, I feel like it, I make it happen.

I should really train myself into executing plans on a certain date and time, instead of just always winging it. With my photography studies, there will be more and more shoots, be that I’m either in the front or behind the camera, that are being put on a calender and need to work well then. I can’t always be a moody artistic type fucker who just works when ever she feels like she is at the top of her own game. Those kind of people are really hard to work with, and often down right assholes.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.



Nice fucking quote! 😂

Plans...They need to be flexible otherwise one is not able to pivot, to adapt if circumstances require it. There's even a saying in the military, no plan survives contact with the enemy. It means that things can change so have a back up, be able to think fast and effect change faster - or versions of that.

If what you do works for you then that's all that matters. I plan, I write work stuff on a phone-diary as I have many appointments and I have structure, but I'm always ready to make changes. Whatever works. I'm structured sometimes and freestyle it at otters...It's situational.

Nice post Evie my girl. Lol.

Have a cracker weekend chica.

Stole the quote from some random asshole who once said something smart.

I quess techically if you have enough plans, you’ll never not know what to do. Just pick from the playbook and execute! I think that’ll be my goal, to be a so good and have variety of skills that I can deal with what ever comes my way.

Have a great weekend too, all the way at the other side of the globe.

Stole the quote from some random asshole who once said something smart.

Sounds like a smart ass.

That's a sound strategy and one I try to employ also...Varied skills and tools in the tool box, to roll out when required. Emotionally and physically.

Is that a picture of your secret peephole?

I’m planning to take over new peepholes.

Seeing that you like quotes feel free to borrow mine “plan the work, work the plan”

But only if you’re an admin on million dollar computer system’s

cemented plans tend not to work as they are fucking rigid and we humans, are not perfect like those plans.

Flexibility on both sides can be very helpful! <3 :)

One day at a time, that is what I say:)

You're right. Unless we plan our life, we fall in someone else's plan.
What's your opinion about the fact that we have to wear protective masks to enter stores?

I'm not that good. I'm a big picture kind of guy. I would be good at ruler, king of the world, etc. I would need many people to implement my plans. I'm good at ideas, but suck at actually doing anything to make them happen. Oh, I get started sometimes, making notes, buying things or doing research. But then......pffffft.
One of the many things that make me a flawed human being. Although I am currently researching how to ascend and live forever. We will see how that goes.......I haven't reached the next phase beyond research yet.

Lights camera action! That's some gear dear. 🤓