How Many Fucks to Give?

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I have a theory that we humans have a certain number of fucks to give within our lifetime. I don’t know what that number is, and how much it fluctuates from person to person, and if the decade you were born determines the average fucks, but hear me out.

Family, friends, health, hobbies, work, trees, global warming, starving kids in Africa, trangenders, same sex marriage, injustice against women in Middle-East, indigenous people in Mongolia, forest fires, police brutality in US, microplastic in oceans, racism, sexism, ageism, a stand-up comic making someone feel bad, your iProducts spying on you, new controversial Netflix show, BLM, AOC, LGBTQ, BTC, MLM, RIP, George, Breonna...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Make it stop make it stop make it stop!

It’s good to give a shit about what is important to you, but there is a limit. It is unnatural to care about everyone and everything in the world. UNNATURAL! Back in the day we lived in small villages, where we knew most of the people, and worked as tight knit communities to make sure our closest people would be alright. Life was work and survival, and there was no time to bother our minds about how some human child we don’t know might be starving to death right now, half a world away, when we have our own problems to deal with.

I’m not saying we haven’t evolved and adapted since the cave man times, but I think sometimes our own progress gets the better of us and our minds are left lagging behind. With globalization comes global news too, and with technology and fast internet, we get to enjoy them 24/7, 365 days a year. Every year the world shrinks and with the reach we have across the globe, foreign people feel like they are closer to us. The foreign problems feel closer too, and people being naturally inclined (there are studies, look it up) to help each other, it feels like we have a lot of work to do.

What happens when you run out of fucks to give?

I think people who try to be really good and care about all the women, children (and even men sometimes), animals and forests, get exhausted when the media spits out horror story after horror story day in and day out, from all corners of the world, and they try to share the articles and put all the caring emojis to the comment sections to show support. They are consumed by this end-of-world idea when the actual scientific numbers show that the going is getting better and better for most of humanity. Sounds like a miserable existance for these poor people, and I’m certain that their fucks are running out, which means they are soon gonna stop caring about anything. Not themselves, not their loves ones, it’ll all just turn into white noise.

The more we read the news, the less they will have an effect on us. Eventually we are so uncensitized that nothing will faze us.

The studies are already showing that people are more depressed and anxious than ever before, and from a younger age. Little kids feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, which is not good for them, and not good for the future. Anxious, depressed young adults, with no direction is not the group that is gonna cure cancer, save the planet and end world hunger. We need healthy, sane people.

In my not ever humble opinion, we should save our fucks to give for what is really important and close to us.

Be selfish. Care about what is close to your heart. Prioritize. Save your fucks to those who deserve it in your community.


I fell out of bed once...Looked a little like that photo of you, just not as graceful.

P.s. My fucks to give are very carefully rationed out...One cannot spend them too carelessly.

I knew you were the kind that is careful who/what you give your fucks for. It's good, it's smart.

Yeah...Agreed. we are similar in that way of thinking for sure.

But...If only I could fall out of bed as good as you!

LOL as much as I pretend not to give a fuck sometimes I do find myself slipping! It’s human nature to care, especially for those you feel close to even if you see them constantly hitting your hand away and trying to jump off a bridge but hey what can you do? It’s part of living

If 2020 and whatever comes next don’t humble all our asses, nothing will

I say it's polite to try and stop someone from jumping off a bridge, but if they are trying to take you down with them, then bye bye go ahead.

2021 is what comes next ;)

White noise is never peaceful.

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Some say the actual sound can soothe a baby or something like that, I don't believe it because to me it sounds really jarring.

I do not know wath it mean "fucks to give" but, i see you fall out of your bed. :-) Be carefull^^ That is what my heart say´s i should do for you.^^

Fun out.

I think i understand what you want to say and i say YES!

I have zero fucks to give. I do what I want when I want. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody else that is the only rule I live by.

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You do give a fuck about something, your own interests.

Not even on my best days, do I care for everything I should. Nevermind someone else's plight - I like the message. I rather start small, maybe work my way up.

Start small, that's good. Oneself and the closest to you, if you feel like there is some energy left, then reach out to give a fuck about something outside your close circle.

I spent some time in the sun on Friday, it refreshed the quota of the amount of fucks I have left to give.

Also, is that mirror crooked?

Haven't been getting enough sun lately, might be the reason for my lack of fucks 🤔

Fucks are a short supply, not going to lie.

Some fucks are good, hope you finds yours soon. It's depressing to be in a slump and not give a fuck about anything.

Outside family, friends, alcohol, and getting paid, there's really few fucks left to give.

If there is food, a good nights sleep and at least one hobby, it sounds like a good list.

I tend to give WAY too many fucks. This was a great reminder to conserve my fucks ❤️

If you start feeling mentally exhausted, pare back a little :)

Thanks for the advice, Im gonna save The stress for something important from now on.

Stress is super harmful for the body and mind so no need to add to it by reading the news and worrying about people you don’t know.

Hahaha very suitable and entertaining 😁

This is where @dbroze's Freedom Cells can come into play, to help ensure those closest to us are ok when the shtf. And then The Matrix-8 Solution to help connect them all AND help save the rest of humanity from The Powers that Shouldn't Be at the same time.

As to the other fu##s, well, the yogi's say we have a finite amount of Ojas, and each time we lose a little Ojas when we fu##, (unless we practice sexual continence) and when it's all gone we die. Apparently the French word(s) for orgasm means "little death"!