Autumn Comes Fast

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September first.

All of a sudden the trees are turning yellow and orange, sun setting at 8.30pm and the nights are cold. The days are still warm but there is a definite autumnal feel in the air, a sort of sadness for the summer gone. Time slows down.

Evenings are starting to feel dragged out when it gets dark so early, after the sun barely setting all summer long. I don’t think one will ever get used to these changes. I do think four seasons are a blessing though, it never gets boring. You don’t have to travel, the changing scenery comes to you. From white snowy plains of the winter, through summer greens and blues, to a windy autumn with it’s warm tones.

I love warm weather and sun, but I prefer a cold dark night for when I want to sleep. This season is perfect, a warm day is followed by a dark night with temperatures dropping down below ten degrees centigrade. I love the cool breeze that comes from the lake, lulling me to a better sleep.

It’s easy for me to romanticize this life.



I completely agree. It’s going to be 58° next week and I can’t wait. I’m so ready for autumn garden harvests, beanies and jackets. I love fall so much.

Also, I don’t know what traditional Finnish desserts look like, but in my mind, this is it!

Leather jacket weather for the win!

Haha, this is tarte tatin, it’s French 😅 Finnish version of a apple tart is quite different, though it’s hard to know what is really inherently Finnish bacause our food is basically leftovers from Swedish and Russian rule.

I need autumn to throw this tart in my face asap!!! I'm so over summer, wildfires and this pandemic. I guess all in due time....

I knew you appreciate a good apple pie☺️ Bring on candlelit evenings, tea and soft knits🥰

I wonder how it must be like to live, and adapt to changing seasons. I salivating so much from this apple tart, I forgot that my part of the world has no seasons. No matter the month of the year, its always hot. I think if we can get below 30°C and 70% humidity, I'll call it a win. 😅