Almost Had a Really Monday Monday

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Most of normies and some of you might think Monday is the devil of weekdays and the breaker of souls.

I think Mondays are just one day of the week and I don’t see anything inherently bad about them, nor do I think the universe tries to fuck up your life any more on a Monday than it does on any other given day of the week. I do wonder if there is any research data for example about accidents or natural disasters occuring more frequently on a specific day of the week.

Before I seque too far off, I’ll get to the topic that is this particular Monday I’m now living. Some of you are already on Tuesday but stay with me. Though before you read further, this is not as interesting of a story as I make it out to be in this long long intro before the actual event that (almost) occured. Feel free to scroll to the end if you please, I’m just here flexing my nonexistant writing muscles.

I had a fine and normal day until the afternoon when I headed to take out the trash after dinner. I was dressed in an oversize grey hoodie, ripped 501 Levi’s and Nike slides, the latter part being the only relevant to this story, but I’m trying to paint a picture here since I forgot to take a selfie. Since the rain had just stopped and it was quite pleasant out with a high probability of sky porn, I decited to extend the trash disposal trip. I went for a little stroll towards the train station and looped back via platforms 2 and 3, sadly no platform 9 and 3/4 here, to the next walkway bridge that would lead me back home. I walk over both bridges almost every day, take notes stalkers.

I didn’t have my camera with me because I’m lazy and I was just going to take the trash out. But one does not leave without a smart phone and airpods with an audiobook providing an imaginary world alongside the real one. This time though I was listening to a more scientific book, rather than a novel, so I was still very much in the present, as luck would have it.

I stopped to snap a few pictures of the scene with dark skies and the setting sun lighting the train carts. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, as you can clearly see it from the pictures. I was walking slowly, which is not normal to me, but the previously mentioned slides determine the pace here. slap slap slap slap left right left right pause for picture left right

I have to say I was having a very pleasurable and leisurely stroll. Then I was walking up the metal stairs, an exciting route I don’t normally take, as I walk over the bridge on most days, but don’t descent onto the platforms. I was feeling adventurous you see. I had no idea what horrors lie just a few feet from me. By the way, I haven’t the slighest idea how long a feet is, I use the metric system because ööö science and common sense, but somehow I feel like the inferior imperial system fits in within the English language better, even though the real English peeps use the right system. I guess I watch too much of American shows. Anyways, where was I...

slap slap slap slap
left right left right lef

Abort mission mid air, place the left leg back to the previous step, and peer down more closely. That nasty thing in the step I was going to put my feet towards is a dirty, used syringe, with no cap and pointy end straight towards my unprotected big toe, also known as hallux. Having a used syringe penetrate your skin would ruin many more days than just a single Monday, from 6 months to potentially a lifetime. That was a really close call. Luckily my nerd posture and tencendy to stare at my feet when I walk saved me this time, never mind the back pain it causes, I’ll take that over human immunodeficiency virus any day!

Interestingly, I’m quite sure I came across the person/people who left this souvenir on the metal steps, a few hours prior to almost stepping on it. Like I mentioned earlier, I walk across the bridge on most days, and so I did earlier today as I headed to the city center. Right at the top of the steps was a group of young adults that clearly looked and acted like people who more than dabble in the art of heavy drug use. I took a note of them because they almost blocked the exit. Maybe the earlier near encounter prevented me from this encounter with the paraphernalia left over, as the thought of seeing the group might have made me not look at my phone while I walked, and insted to pay attention where I place my foot.

Stay safe people. Hope you enjoyed the read.





Wow! You were lucky to spot that needle before stepping into it!