Finding Masterplan of Almighty

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We don't know the master plan. In our everyday life we want to be successful in each and every Arena of life. what is success what does success mean to us please very much relative to achievement. The ultimate aim of our life is to win the game rather winning every war or every race. You want to achieve each and every success of life but this is not should be our target. Sometimes we need to lose any ways of life so that we can b e much more effective for the next race and alternative win.
For example in your professional life you have rejected from a luxurious company. I think that this is your defeat but in the long run you will think after certain period that this is not was defeated rather it was helpful for your professional career growth. Because you have got another job which is very much better than that one. So so once anything is not suitable to you don't bother about it try to achieve success in your similar fashion. When you will get success better than this one you will then realise it was not for you. Because Almighty God has made a master plan for you. And it is impossible for you to know the master plan earlier stages of life. After a certain time you will very much you realise that your previous defeated defeats was not actually your defeat rather this was your pillar of success.
Let me give you another example to understand this matter. A businessman and had a meeting in abroad. it was going to be a nice deal for him and his business. If you miss the meeting he will lose a lot. Due to traffic jam and delay he missed flight. Then he was very much annoyed with himself and unhappy with himself because he has lost a huge amount of business deal. He was totally disappointed and and satisfied with this happening. He was just thinking about his loss while moving toward home with his car. Suddenly he got news at the radio that the plane he was planning to fly I has been crushed. Most of the passengers have been died. Now what should you say full stop this couple of minutes ago he was thinking that there were a huge loss for him but now he is thinking that this is a big gain of his life. Almighty has given his life again he is thinking now in this way.
The moral is we don't know the master plan of our almighty creator. So we have to have a good faith on our creator who is benevolent and merciful. Hi make plan for us and this is very much good for us that we can't realise right now. Just think in the way that you are in trouble but you could be in much more trouble then you can trouble. In this way you can be satisfied that whatever the situation is going on with you is good for you. You could have been in the the most situation then this one. So always try to be happy and satisfied with the happening around us. That's the moral of today's tale . Hope after that you will have good satisfaction on your Faith.


I actually felt motivated after reading this. You actually nailed this post by relating success to hard work and faith (religion).

There are also times whereby we may be very close to success but at some point in time we tend to give up even though we never knew we were very close to success. Is there a way we can know that we are closer to success? Are there any signs for it?

I hope you answer my question and thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla💕❤️

Well. Its my please share that you find it useful. I think there is no sign to check how close we are to success. But one thing is very clear that (it is said that) as much dark the night is as much close we are to the morning. So so when we will be in deep trouble we need to think that we are very close to get rid of it.

Hmm... You are absolutely right about this. I actually felt lot of wisdom in this.

Thanks for your love reply ❤️💕

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