Weekend Freewrite - 12/7/2019- Single Prompt Option: Apple (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 45)

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Mrs. Scott comes through police headquarters, bringing fruit, love, and support to both her commissioner husband and his secretary Mrs. Thornton, who is about to go into a situation in order to bring key information out...

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the posture of innocence, little version.png

While Captain Lee prepared for his division's afternoon, Mrs. Della Scott prepared for her afternoon – she and the Lofton County Seed Saving Society were setting up for their weekly sharing of heirloom produce with the officers at police headquarters.

Mrs. Scott found her husband in a grim mood when she came up to see him with a basket of his favorite late summer treat: a local variety of apple, small but flavorful. He scarcely noticed, at first.

“There are people in this county who, if they knew what you re doing for the officers of this department, would be out protesting it,” he growled. “You would not believe even if I could tell you the blind hatred some noise I'm generating solely for a case has created.”

“Well, if that were to happen, I would simply ask where the people involved needed a sharing of what we have here, and then negotiate peace. There is plenty for everyone.”

Commissioner Scott's grim features melted into a smile.

“Della, you just brought sunshine back to this office. I love you.”

“I love you too, Winfred.”

Mrs. Scott went out and then saw Mrs. Thornton coming back to her desk from an errand. Mrs. Scott dropped off a small basket of apples for her too.

“Oh, thank you – just what I need today!”

“I imagine things are still very tough,” Mrs. Scott said.

“You just don't know the good you do in the midst of all these situations by just being here,” Mrs. Thornton said. “Every piece of relief is necessary.”

She paused, and steeled herself to what she knew would be happening that afternoon.

“Keep me in special prayer,” she said.

“I always do, dear young woman.”

Mrs. Thornton got up and the two women embraced. The older woman noticed Mrs. Thornton hanging on tightly, and realized the younger woman was afraid.

“Is everything all right?” Mrs. Scott said softly.

“No, but I've got to see something through, because it's for me to do, although it scares me,” Mrs. Thornton. “Thank God for the safe environment you provide on these afternoons!”

“Can I help you in any way?”

“Yes … I need one more set of credible ears.”

Day 46 is up

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Let'hope the set of credible ears can cope with the "news" Happy. 💕

Oh, Mrs. Thornton isn't going to see Captain Lee ... she's going to take on Lieutenant Deadwood, the corrupt in-house hit(police)man, and deliver him on a silver platter to Captain Lee ... check out "Apple 2".

@deeanndmathews I will thanks for the link. Happy fay to you. 💕

You're welcome!

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