Weekend Freewrite - 12/7/2019- Single Prompt Option: Apple 2 (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 46)

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Mrs. Thornton goes to battle with all her feminine wiles ... and an assassin with serial killer tendencies proves to be no match for her!

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the posture of innocence, little version.png

Of course Lieutenant Bruce Deadwood was at the produce giveaway – he was checking in on what he thought was going to be the next day's job, he liked organic produce, and he liked Mrs. Magdalena Thornton. He caught up to her as she was looking over some of those early apples...

“Is your liver still quivering about me, Ms. Thornton?”

“Oh, more than ever, Lieutenant.”

“Good … let me make things even clearer to you, Mrs. Deadwood-to-be … I have a very lucrative side hustle in addition to my job here. I've got one more big job to do in it, and I'm out of here, so I'm coming back next week not as your co-worker, but the man who is going to get us both out of here – and while you're being intoxicating, cute, and coy this week, I'm not taking no for an answer next week! Say your goodbyes to the working-class this week, because baby, next week, we're going to have the world!”

“Yes, but, let's not talk too much about that here, with all these ears around … .”

“You're so cute when you're discreet … makes me want to feel on some things beside these early apples to see how plump and ripe and they are... I like all types of apple and pear, but I see some bigger, softer, warmer, perfectly ready twin fruits hanging on a tall, good-looking figure that has my whole appetite hungry like the wolf … .”

“Lieutenant, we're still in public … let me be cute and discreet until next week!”

She left him laughing, so much so that he didn't notice Mrs. Della Scott casually picking up the little voice recorder she had put there when she had seen Lieutenant Deadwood easing over toward Mrs. Thornton.

“You hold on to that as backup,” Mrs. Thornton said to her a little later. “I'll transcribe what just happened and get it where it needs to go.”

By then, Lieutenant Deadwood had gone from that room, and would soon go home to wait on a call, an assignment, and a payment, none of which would ever come.

Day 46.33 is up

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@deeanndmathews, When we talk about the Apple 🍏 then so many stories surrounds this Subject and these diversified subjects and taste of this Fruit makes it unique one.

True ... I was just stunned to see how many kinds of apples there were at my local store today ... and the apple is an analogy for so many things ...

Yes that's true.

Interesting way the story goes... Enjoyed reading it. I wish you a great day. 💕

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