The Posture of Innocence, day 44.5

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The stage begins to be set for the barking of the corrupt money tree that Captain Lee, Mr. Black, Commissioner Scott, and Selene Slocum-Lofton are all determined to kill ...

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9:00 Wednesday morning: the “noise” started in the early morning news…

“We are the Association for the Fair Treatment of Our Officers – AFTOO is sick and tired of seeing everyone get special kid-glove treatment but our brave police officers, and we are going to be putting our money where our mouth is, bailing out officers so they can be at home with their families, providing money for their representation...”

Mrs. Selene Slocum-Lofton watched this development with interest, that morning.

“Who in the world are these people – some kind of redneck populist movement?”

Captain Lee pointedly ignored that development initially, being more interested in the documents that had come to his division by overnight courier. He handed them to Mr. Black without explanation when he came in, and Mr. Black sat down and gave a deep chuckle after his review.

“So much for the posture of innocence – you're going to be walking around downtown to all these institutions of finance, walking folks out in handcuffs, barking that twisted tree this afternoon.”

“Yes,” Captain Lee said, permitting himself a thin smile. “As I said, we had to catch the nearest way.”

He had known his cousin Alexis would talk to his aunt Selene … and aunt Selene was every inch the detailed and decisive operator her grandson Henry Fitzhugh Lee was. She would have no problem figuring out the scheme and offering it to her grandson in order to keep her grandson from having any legal reason to mess with the family. This is what had caused the smile, thin and sad … grandmother and grandson, the grandson at last realized, were very much alike, but had gone into mutual hatred instead of mutual admiration. Still, mutual intellect and situational awareness still existed between them – and so Captain Lee had nudged his grandmother for help, and she had responded.

“Now that Commissioner Scott's noise is abroad about helping folks make bail, things will start to move today,” Captain Lee continued aloud. “I shall inform the commissioner, and then once authorized, I will call up the division's entire reserve. Warrants this morning, a pleasant afternoon – for us, anyhow.”

“This is where, however, it would probably be best for me to bow out of sight,” Mr. Black said. “Discretion on your connection to the Innocence Project on this might be helpful when all the high-powered lawyers involved start looking for every way to distract the public from the guilt of their clients.”

“Your help has been invaluable, and you have my thanks and deep respect,” Captain Lee said as he rose and put out his hand.

“Likewise, Captain Lee,” Mr. Black said. “I look forward to seeing you Saturday in Tinyville, provided all things go well between now and then.”

“Indeed. I would not miss working with your interns for the world.”

“Enjoy your day, Captain Lee.”

“Likewise, Mr. Black. Watch for me, if Commissioner Scott grants me permission, to lead a press conference tomorrow morning and put all that is about to happen into a proper context for the public.”

“You and that face Virginia will believe.”

“Exactly,” Captain Lee said. “I was not gifted this heavy burden of the image of my best-known uncle in vain.”

Jetson Black went back to his bed and breakfast and called James Varick IV, editor-in-chief at the Lofton County Free Voice.

“Get a bunch of reporters downtown for this afternoon – it's about to go down, Jimmy. Francis Lofton drives a green Mustang, and he will have a bunch of unmarked cars trailing him to nine financial institutions today. It will be a fascinating scoop for y'all today and tomorrow – Captain Lee is putting out all the dirt tomorrow at a press conference, so get ready for that too!”

Day 45 is up


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