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Taking Ms. Harriet Tubman's estimation -- when speaking of freeing 300 slaves, she said, "I could have freed a thousand, had they known they were slaves" -- as a bar, I go with the idea that three out of every ten people have that "strong core," and if they are able to move, then they could lead some out from the remaining seven out of 10 ... hope, even though the math says that if the beatdown is done well enough, a majority will not recover... but it doesn't take a majority to change things ...

ADDENDUM: The two women were somewhat distant in-laws to me ... by the time I came along, their new husbands from my family were both happily married, well-informed, and VERY careful...


The addendum is a bit too complex for my understanding.

What do you imply by them being "well-informed, and VERY careful..." About what? Being careful about demanding the peanut butter sandwich from their spouses? )))

You DID understand exactly ... they knew what happened and were CAREFUL not to be abusive!


It reminded me of one science fiction story, where the young journalist went somewhere to the boonies to track down a witch. He found her. It was a young gal all dirty and smelly. But he was explained that in order for her to do some black magic she should be frustrated.

What he did was - he put her in a hotel where she took a shower and turned out to be very pretty. Then he fed her in a restaurant, took her to the department store and bought her new stylish clothes. And when he saw she fell in love with him, he told her that she has the same size as his fiance and all these clothes are bought for his fiance.

He calculated correctly. The gal became furious and started showing wonders of black magic. The guy got very scared for his very life and promised her to marry her. The story ends with the following sentence (I am paraphrasing translating from a translation)

"Strangely enough, the groom was happy. But who cares about him. More importantly, the bride was happy!"