Day 782: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: broken toenail (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 49)

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Captain Lee enjoys a few lingering minutes of joy and awe after his grand evening with loved ones old and new, but a lifetime of situational awareness leads him to be careful and prayerful...

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The only reason Captain Lee did not float up to his apartment after leaving Mrs. Thornton was because of a rhyme his mountain grandparents taught him:

“Watch the place of your feet, little baby boy sweet;
Let your heart and mind sail, get a broken toenail.
Still much worse, you might trip, and right down you will slip --
Rolling right off the hill – how we'll cry, how we will!”

The Army had not needed to teach many things in basic training to Cadet Lee; he had already mastered personal situational awareness as a small boy, roaming the mountains. So too, he shook off his ecstasy long enough to safely get up his stairs and into his apartment. Something was telling him: he could afford no careless injuries that night.

When he got home, Captain Lee found a message on his answering machine from Victor Morton, his brother-in-law and CEO of Morton Technologies. The message said that Mr. Morton had been meaning to call him for days about an opportunity – Morton Technologies had been using his feedback to build a Data Master version specifically for investigators.

The opportunity was of a particular type – Mr. Morton wanted him to build his own team of investigators to complete the beta testing, a support staff to run the business, and then come into the company as a division head “sometime next year – I imagine you have a bunch of police work now. I know your work is important to you … but Henry, you could be doing so much more of the good you and I have talked about for years, and here's an opportunity to do it and still help out the police force on your own terms.”

Captain Lee listened to this message four times, awestruck. The Lord had just delivered him the perfect opportunity to start his civilian career with the support of those he loved, take all of Mrs. Thornton's advice about it, and also pull her in, as Mrs. Maggie Lee, to help implement all of that.

Captain Lee texted his brother-in-law: “Got your message. Most definitely interested. Will fly up next weekend, Lord willing, to discuss the matter further.”

Next weekend, because he was committed to Mr. Black's interns that coming weekend, and because Captain Lee's situational awareness was telling him the coming weekend would be much less pleasantly occupied than even that (although exactly what was triggering this awareness would not be apparent for eight hours).

“I know You will remember mercy in the midst of judgment,” he said that night in his prayers, “and I thank You that You have so corrected and healed me that my prayers are for mercy, for more time for even those in the way to repent and come to You – but in Your time, whatever You will, not my will, but Yours be done … .”

Day 49.5 is up

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