Day 781: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: fleece (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 48)

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Tricolor Sounds humorously works over its new applicant to join the group, to Mrs. Thornton's surprise and utter delight...

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The lights finally went down at Cafe Birdsong and then came up on stage, with John and Gary of Tricolor Sounds playing a poignant guitar and banjo duet of “Come, Ye Disconsolate” in memory of their lost member, Paul Greer. There was not a dry eye in the house when they had finished.

“But,” said John, as he wiped a tear from his bronze face, “although we miss Paul so much, the show must go on... .”

And out came Henry Fitzhugh Lee, carrying a chair in one hand, and a mandolin in another.

“May I join?”

John put his banjo down and just shook his head, slowly, with scorn.

“Now would you look at this son of a sapsucker here?” he said to Gary. “Trying to fleece us – like he actually knows how to play that thing he is holding in his hand?”

“Well, he probably does know what to do with the chair,” Gary said. “That mandolin? No way.”

“I was told there was an interviewing process,” said Captain Lee as he put down his chair and sat down. “I am ready to go through it.”

John smiled, and Gary gave an evil “Mwhahahahaha!” to the joy of the crowd.

“Well, bless his heart – he says he's ready, John!”

“Well, let's find out,” John said. “We're all going to find out.”

Thus began ten minutes of hilarity as the “interview” proceeded … the two original members challenged the “wannabe” in every way, doing dueling instruments, taking one out of his hands and forcing him to adjust mid-phrase to playing on another, and finally standing him on his head and challenging him to keep playing as they turned him that way. The “wannabe” made it all look easy, and his deadpan manner combined with the occasional facial expression turned out to be hilarious.

“All right, we'll put it to a vote,” Gary said. “What do y'all in the audience think – should we admit the wannabe to Tricolor Sounds?”

The affirmative was resounding – Mrs. Thornton found herself on her feet yelling and stamping along with everybody else, a fact that elicited a smile from the new member-to-be.

“All right, all right, all right already – Harry, welcome to the band!”

After the applause, John introduced Tricolor Sounds officially, including Gary and their new member – “Captain Henry Fitzhugh Lee of the Big Loft police department – solving crime by day, laying down the law on these strings by night!”

Day 48.5 is up

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The rhythm of that concert must have been moving. Excellent story @deeandmathews

It was ... I left room for every reader to fill in what moves their imagination!

What a fun night! You go Captain Lee! I also love they way you end each chapter, especially this one. : )

Resident cat here, wondering who on your list of characters has a broken toenail:

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Yes, a little fun before the end ... meanwhile, nobody gets a broken toenail because Captain Lee knows a childhood rhyme about such things ... the fun continues just a little way further before turning toward the startling ending ...