Day 775: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: leering (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 42)

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Meet Selene Slocum-Lofton, Captain Lee's maternal grandmother, a woman grown old in beauty, power, and evil...

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Mr. Alexis Slocum-Lofton was furious after the call from his cousin Captain Lee, and, not knowing what to do, went to see his aunt, who just happened to be Captain Lee's maternal grandmother.

Mrs. Selene Slocum-Lofton was 83 years old, and was everything you would expect Lady Macbeth to be had she lived as queen for that long, completely untroubled by the evil she encouraged. She was the one whose wickedness toward her grieving grandson in 1992 had caused Mrs. DeVille to nearly be killed in 2019, for when that wicked old woman had attacked Captain Lee, it triggered an entire PTSD episode over the attack his grandmother had made upon the memory of his wife and son and thus upon his heart -- so he had nearly done what he had wanted to do at 18 years old! But just in the nick of time, Captain Lee's vision had cleared, and Mrs. DeVille – who didn't measure up to the woman Captain Lee wanted to tear limb from limb anyhow – had lived!

Mrs. Selene Slocum-Lofton too had lived, and lived well, largely untroubled with things such as repentance and regret, befitting her goddess status in her world. She had been exceptionally beautiful as a young woman, so beautiful that she was beyond the type of good looks that causes leering from men of little self-control. Tall and of intense dignity and composure, young Selene Madison – a Madison, of all things, and raised to be assured in her inheritance as a daughter of the Father of the Constitution – had commanded worship from young womanhood onward, and before the age of 21 had settled into the habit of command with everyone but Mr. Aaron Slocum-Lofton, who wasn't having that although he insisted on having her to wife!

Mrs. Slocum-Lofton was just as stunning and regal as an old woman, her strong cheekbones, abundant silver-white hair coiffed high, and still-vivid dark eyes sitting atop a body that was still trim and as active as an 83-year-old woman's could be, with signs of growing frailty being hidden by the excellence of her clothes. She was still intelligent and decisive, and ruled her branch of the Slocum-Lofton families with an iron fist in a silken glove. She also retained much of the power of her deep, smooth voice – her more compliant granddaughter and grandson-in-law and all her nieces and nephews answered to that voice like it was the voice of deity.

In other words: Henry Fitzhugh Lee had gotten the name and the genetic resemblance to General Lee from his father, but his regal, composed persona came more from his maternal grandmother than from his ancestral Lee blood. Their resemblance was marked in ways that troubled them both, which is also why they could hate each other so fiercely.

Day 42.5 is up

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