I'm Having A Bit of Writer's Block

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These past couple of weeks, maybe months, I've been having some real trouble getting myself motivated to write long high-quality posts. I have no idea why that's the case, I used to love writing about many different topics, but these days, I'm really struggling to get anything written down.

The overall quality of my content has dropped, since I'm sticking to writing shorter posts, usually related to Steem itself. It's funny that you can just lose the motivation to write, without any warning.

It's not that I couldn't think of topics to write about, I'm just feeling a little bit "depressed" when I want to start writing. Not "depressed" in the clinical sense of the word, but rather that I can't seem to bring up the will for writing specifically.

Thank God for Curation!

Weirdly enough, this couldn't have come at a better time. I'm currently making way more from curation anyway and most people don't really seem to mind it if Steemians post less frequently.

Now, I'm sure that I'd earn more when I did actually write at least one article per day, but with the increased curation rewards there's a nice little cushion to earn some rewards at least.

I do still read pretty much all the posts from my friends here, but I rarely comment on stuff now. That's one thing I feel pretty bad about, since these people usually put in the effort to comment on my posts, while I don't return the favour. To those people, I just want to say that I still read most of your posts and I hope you don't feel too bad about not seeing too many comments from me.

It Will Pass

Look, I'm sure that I'll wake up one day and find the motivation again to start writing more regularly. There's so much happening in my life, that I'm bound to share some of it ;-)

I'll never be one to write 2000 word articles every week, but I definitely can write about some interesting topics. Besides, most people just end up scrolling past the overly long articles anyway...

I just hope you'll stick around!

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Lack of time or lack of ideas? I suffer from both sometimes. 2000 words.. too much. I do 1000 sometimes but its generally between 500-800.

Otherwise it's TL;DR. It might just be that anyway. I don't thoroughly read every post I vote, its a case of skimming sometimes.. I don't have the time.

If your coming to SF4, I can give you some ideas :)

Both actually, but I think the lack of time causes me to have a lack of ideas (due to being too busy to think about it).

Just put in some additional lease requests btw, should be getting very close to 100k soon :P

And yeah, SF4.... Don't count on it, but let's not make that a barrier for meeting up. I'm always up for a trip to the UK, maybe when there's another meetup there?

And yeah, SF4.... Don't count on it, but let's not make that a barrier for meeting up. I'm always up for a trip to the UK, maybe when there's another meetup there?

Always up for a meet, if its not London or too far south!

I can meet anywhere in the UK, got the Trainline app, so if I book in advance it wouldn't cost too much.

Really, those train fares in the UK can be quite pricey. I think I spent over £150 on train fares when I went to Nottingham. Without booking in advance of course. Here it's like €20 to travel 300 km and you get a return ticket for that! Yay for government subsidised railways, I guess :P

@daan - what you are talking about resonates with me. I feel that I am in the same place right now. I want to write but just don't. Not completely sure why!

Glad to see that you are finding your place in curation. Hang in there!

I've been there myself. You can totally tell the difference between my articles that I am motivated about and ones that are just going through the motions. I appreciate all that you do and contribute.

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It's ok. I love you anyway. :)

Shorter posts are fine too. I've just noticed that posts about Steem and it's apps get more attention and engagement than normal posts. That should change in general so that people feel motivated to write about other stuff too.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing burn out @daan

most people don't really seem to mind it if Steemians post less frequently.

My strong impression is that posting more often than once a week is huge mistake. People seem to treat steemit like if it would be instagram/twitter.

It's really hard to expect from your followers/readers to "consume" your content very often.

Yours, Piotr

One word. Weed.