Soul always strives to its true form

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This is, word by word, my entire plan for today.

I know I am not going to die, at least not now, but everyone dies, just in different circumstances.
What you see is just a dream, it is nothing prophetic seeing your own demise, especially not while having some unexplained problems.

Last few times when I had the same problems, every time I wake up I wish I didn't and I wished it didn't need to be like that.
I really felt sorry, but the regret is irrelevant.

I know I am not alone and I know what I have done but also what I have been given. We all pay the price of our passions, and all the wishes come true but one...You simply can't buy love if you do not love yourself. There is no such a thing.
I done everything that was in my power to make things better beside one thing, and that is an absolute last resort.
I do not want to make that last resort real.

It would be like a snow on the beginning of a very long winter.
I never hassle about the graveyards, but mausoleums, because the graveyards have a chance to become forgotten. Place of epic is pretty much forever. Train stations and post offices as well.

Today was one of those days, I woke up worse to wear. That horrible feeling of imminent death. And I am so sick of it because I grow so fucking tired of it... I no longer seek explanations to ask whats wrong, all those people are helpless.

Change is so visible, it is frightening. Today I woke up to a person in a mirror I never saw before. It is true. The soul always strives to it's true form. But what if your true form is golden...