The Craziness Associated with LOVE ❤️

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Hello 👋 Friends!!!

This is just a free write.

There's only one thing that helps human feel that they are alive and keeps them happy. This one thing is having people around you and getting the love you deserve, the love we get from our family members play an important role in our lives and not getting this love may cause a person an emotional damage.

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The love we get from friends is also very important, no matter how crazy and stupid a person is, you will always have people that loves you for who you are. This people are people you are fond of and definitely can't do without.

Now, what of the love we feel for someone we are not related to, someone that is not so close to be called a friend. How do we handle that?.

That is where the craziness comes in when we talk of love. Love seems to be the sweetest thing to have and feel but at the same time, it is most complicated thing we can ever think of.

Loving someone who doesn't even know you are in love is a big problem and trying to make that person love you is a big task with no payment. The person you love is busy loving someone else and someone somewhere is busy loving you.

Love is sweet and crazy, no doubt about it. May we find the perfect kind of love in our lives.


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Lovely post, I have suffer from love and it's not as easy but always beautiful. Love is a big word with lot of significations.
I send you some love :)

Thanks sister