The Sad Truth

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This is how mental health folks are treated. When they try to speak up about their issues they are mocked, invalidated, ignored. Then when someone commits suicide due to depression all of a sudden people care. You had your chance while they are still here, you chose to ignore them. Now you have to live with the consequences of your actions.
Like with a certain YouTuber, viewers mocked his mental break down then they were sad when he killed himself back in June.

Pic: punktrash1994 on Twitter

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yes we are here to lift others up, we need to remember that, not to turn our backs on them x

This a powerful point. I promise to make an effort to listen and to be kind when someone takes the difficult step of expressing their pain.

Awesome save a life, don't take one!

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So important! When a person exhibits emotional differences, they are shunned, exacerbating the differences. Horrible. Embrace them instead!

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A poignant and important post - thank you.

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