1987 Jersey 2 Pounds World Wildlife Fund 25th Anniversary Commemorative Proof Silver Coin

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

I was just celebrating passing an exam on Monday with a drink that evening as I happen to pick up a local crafted micro-brew beer while out for a few groceries. I reached in my metal Coin organizer for a subject to study and write about but to mix things up I should comment about this delicious beer.

Shiny Things, by The Steel & Oak Brewing Company

‘Shiny Things’ is a locally micro-brewed IPA made by the Steel & Oak Brewing Company in New Westminster BC. You can see that it’s a Golden opaque. A creamy texture, a full bodied delicious taste with a big accent on the barley, wheat, oat, and hop blend.

A definite colorful blend compared to the basic Kokanee and Molson Canadian fare. Shiny Things come in a 4 pack of tall cans, currently retails to a total of $18 CAD Deposit and Taxes included. My only drawback is it is 473 ml. I can only drink 2/3rds the can before I’m too buzzed to keep typing without too many typo errors.

Now to the real Shiny!

Bailiwick of Jersey 2 Pounds
Reverse: Pink Pigeons on branches, BAILIWICK OF JERSEY, TWO POUNDS
Silver (.925), Weight 28.28 g
Part of The World Wildlife Series

The Pink Pidgeon - Nesoenas Mayeri

A herbivore bird native to the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean located east of Madagascar. A bird species with its population decimated down to the last 10 birds and on the brink of extinction by the introduction of predatory animals and severe deforestation of this bird’s habitat and food source.

A desperate captive breeding program was instituted by the Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust on both the Republic of Mauritius and at the Jersey Zoo.

Pink Pidgeon by Mike Lawerence under CCO 2.0

Over thirty years of work, the breeding program is successful in nursing the pink pigeon population from 16 to over 400 in 2018 from ‘Critically Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ by the IUCN

In 1987 the World Wildlife Fund’s 25th Silver Anniversary recognizes the Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust in saving this bird species from extinction as well as a variety of other programs in preserving or supporting many other species that are currently deemed endangered.

Bailiwick of Jersey 2 Pounds
Obverse: Facing Right, QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND, 1987
Diameter 38.61mm, Thickness 3.0mm
References KM# 70a, Mintage of 25,000

I like this as it came with an inexpensive price compared to the Krause Catalog quote, fairly low mintage, and in many respects a pretty theme on the reverse. I expect this acquisition to appreciate well.


Now For those who love the Pretty Fiat Currency

1963 The States of Jersey TEN SHILLINGS
TEN SHILLINGS, Signature: Padgham
Coat of Arms: States Assembly, Queen Elizabeth II

What’s a Bailiwick?

From Vocabulary.com :

A bailiwick is an area of knowledge in which a person or institution has control or expertise
mean a geographical area over which someone or some body has legal or political control, though this is a less common meaning nowadays. It derives from the combination of the Old English term bailiff, meaning a local officer with certain powers, and wic, meaning a village.

From thesaurus.com;

Synonyms for Bailiwick; jurisdiction, diocese, district, area, neighborhood

1963 The States of Jersey TEN SHILLINGS
Back: 10/-, STATES of JERSEY
TEN SHILLINGS, ST QUEN’S MANOR, Bovine watermark, Jersey map
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd
Reference P-7

Where is Jersey?

Wiki Map of Jersey by UKPheonix79 under CCO 3.0

It is not New Jersey.
Located in the English Channel just off the shore of France, the State of Jersey is a Crown Dependency as a part of the British Isles with it’s own autonomy in it’s internal affairs and powers.


I hope you enjoyed this very special feature

Thank you for stopping by my Blog today.

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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

Other References

Wiki: Pink Pigeon
Bailiwick of Jersey 2 Pounds
Definition Bailiwick
Synonym Bailiwick
Britannica: Bailiwick of Jersey

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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Awesome pick-up.. the BAILIWICK OF JERSEY. I know you like birds is general. I recall the time when you had asked your followers to help you decide on your silver avatar... it was a choice from several bird designs.
I know someone from the State of New Jersey...
Thanks for sharing, sis @kerrislravenhill! CHEERS🥂 (I am not really a beer drinker🍺, lol) , take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a million hugs & kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!

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Yes, it was a bit outside my usual interest other than the wild birds that visit my back yard. It is a pretty coin and the auction was closing quick so I made a last minute bid on it a few dollars above spot. Voila!
Always, with lots of love. 🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸

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I can Relate to to BUZZED to do anything when I use to Drink.........Have a Great Day @kerrislravenhill

Thanks @stokjockey
I'd be the Buzzed Buzzard...🍻

Than the Bloody Raven. He he he!

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Silver pidgey and beer 🍺😂🤣🍺🤣

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Now you know that 'Shiny Things' may not necessarily be silver. 🍻 Cheers!

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Interesting, this is the first I have heard ofState of Jersey, and they mint beautiful Silver coins!!! What a find @kerrislravenhill!!!🤗

It is a part of the British Isles but not as an entity within the United Kingdom like Scotland, Ireland, Wales, etc but as a State of the British Isles.
I don't know who minted this coin yet, just guessing the Pobjoy mint, so I'm still searching for that information.
Thanks for commenting @silvertop

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So many British Isles, I believe I read they total over 250!!🤔

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A beautiful coin with a very beautiful story behind!

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