Witness Update - 12/30/2020


Witness Update - 12/30/2020

@witnessupdate is a daily update on what is happening in the witness community.

Total Witnesses

Active WitnessesTotal Witnesses

Missed Blocks

WitnessMissed Blocks

Witnesses who missed blocks in the last 24 hours.

This is bound to happen to even the best witnesses and is not something you should remove your vote for unless it happens frequently.

Highest Miss Rates

Miss rates is the percent of missed blocks out of all witness blocks for the life of a witness. Missed blocks happen, this shows the frequency.

WitnessTotal MissedProduced BlocksMiss Rate(%)

Top Producers

Witnesses who historically produced the most blocks.


Stale Price Feeds

These are active witnesses that have price feeds that are disabled or older than 24 hours and produced a block in the last seven days.

A witness is responsible for producing blocks on the Hive blockchain and maintaining a stable up to date price feed.

Although the price feed is calculated on a consensus of the top 20 witnesses, it is important to have an up to date price feed.

WitnessLast Update
@rotfl1970-01-01 00:00:00
@silversteem2016-09-14 08:20:33
@aizensou2017-07-24 08:34:03
@hagie2017-10-04 18:16:54
@complexring2018-06-07 17:49:18
@bhuz2018-10-25 08:16:36
@b0y2k2019-04-23 08:53:57
@firepower2019-09-01 02:26:09
@dpoll.witness2020-03-16 01:00:09
@isnochys2020-03-20 13:36:06
@steemychicken12020-07-29 05:14:12
@dragosroua2020-10-05 10:58:21
@kristall972020-10-06 19:38:21
@riverhead2020-10-10 14:43:21
@jesta2020-10-14 18:29:24
@liondani2020-10-14 19:05:30
@smooth.witness2020-10-31 10:28:36
@threespeak2020-11-03 06:16:42
@netuoso2020-11-03 23:08:36
@kevinwong2020-11-05 13:34:39
@bobinson2020-12-01 04:44:24
@bdcommunity2020-12-02 04:25:12
@innerhive2020-12-07 10:58:39
@dbuzz2020-12-09 17:44:21
@neoxian2020-12-19 09:04:54
@pfunk2020-12-21 20:47:51
@cervisia2020-12-26 06:18:06
@enginewitty2020-12-29 10:56:24

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