@themarkymark Witness is on SMT testnet

in witness •  6 months ago  (edited)
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I can join testnet with my posting key?

Yes. Although it does not support KeyChain.

How do I get started on testnet @themarkymark

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You can use the condenser (front end) instance I have in the post. Nothing you do there will affect your account.

Alright buddy 👍 I will give it a try, thanks a bunch...

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I've been surprised how little excitement and energy has been expressed at the SMT testnet.

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Thanks a lot for the post, very important information!

That link gave me 503 errors. 🕵

The condenser testnet is not up 100% of the time.

Oh that's great. Lovely Testnet I will give a push soon. Although, already voted for those named active Witnesses. The @themarkymark , @drakos , @ausbitbank keep the great work rolling. We are hoping to see more work from you guys.

Sending love 💕 from Nigeria.

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