Statement from @techcoderx witness

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statement 19 mar 2020.png

I would like to make the following statement(s) as a Steem witness and Avalon (DTube Chain) testnet block producer:

  1. In accordance with my previous statement regarding Steem Classic, I will be running a witness on the Hive blockchain. I will cease my witness operations on Steem after the fork.
  2. My RPC endpoint will be served from the Hive blockchain. As previously announced here, my node will only serve steemd hived API calls (e.g. account history). All Hivemind related API calls will be redirected to the nearest Hivemind node by Jussi.
  3. endpoint will be renamed to
  4. After the Hive fork, my current powerdown on the Hive blockchain will be stopped. I will continue to powerdown my STEEM in full. A portion of the proceeds will be powered up in Hive.
  5. The development of my Steem Hive hardware wallet project will resume once everything settles and if I can find some time. The Github repository has been renamed.
  6. The support for Steem/Hive blockchains on my OneLoveIPFS uploader will depend on the support of our authentication providers (Steem Hive Keychain, SteemConnect HiveConnect). I have renamed most of the strings in the UI to Hive, which is now live on More information to follow on @onelovedtube account.
  7. If UI has chosen not to utilize the Hive blockchain (in any way), I will work with the @onelovedtube team to spin up a fork of the DTube UI (under a different name) that utilizes both Hive and Avalon mainnet. We currently do not have an official statement from the DTube team, so we will have to wait for it first.

End of statement(s).

I will be looking forward to the development of the Hive and Avalon blockchains.


Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

Please see this post on SteemPeak for more information.