Our witness node is up

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Let's just start with the obvious,...


Ok, now let's just jump into the details


Well,.. @edicted & @rishi556 of course


We setup a witness node, @hextech


Yesterday, May 4th 2020.
May our vision be grand and the Fourth be with us.


http://privex.io has our first server parked in,... The internet! It's a blockchain after all. Server specs and details will be in the announcement post on @hextech (coming soon) and on our website once that is up.


Well,... To put my mind to ease, I wrote a little something for this....

We the People of this blockchain, in Order to form a more secure chain, establish truth, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this witness node announcement.

This said, I am a Patriot. I love my country and am proud that my Father was in the service for Vietnam (that's a whole nother ahitbag we can open later)... But my country isn't what it has been and should be. That's ok. We can work together and fix this, we can all get along.
This isn't an attack on any one person or group, we are all different in more then just red, white or blue skin. We all die, we all want to prolong our life, we all have opinions on what's best for us and our group to achieve that end, we all want to be happy and thrive. Well, I assume a lot saying that, most of us just want to get high and play video games. Such a lovely trap, catch me on stream playing some games daily from when I wake up til I go-to sleep! This is where I transition from nationalism to worldism, or whatever. I do believe in human kind, we are tribes from 1 human to countries hitting tribes of Billions (or is the largest country still in the millions?) for some countries. We can all get along, work together and be successful in resting knowing that we are all in this together and we are winning.

The game of Life is cooperative, not winner or loser. Sure, there may be rounds where in the spirit of competition we play to end the opponent, but it should never be about anything outside of that game, keep it in the arena.

I believe in open source and technology, as well as the ability of humans to get over shit when the tough gets going to cross borders into unfriendly territory (in one aspect or game of life) to mend the bond that binds us for a greater cause. Whatever that cause may be to you right now, because time is relative. We have all worked together as long as we have caught each other throughout time and space, that's ok, it's part of the ebb and flow of life.

Oh, and because @edicted asked here: https://peakd.com/witness/@edicted/can-i-get-a-witness. I'd been following him for quite sometime. He has a lot of ideas and input, and his style meshes well with mine. He does have a redmage as a icon after all. When I read his post I knew I'd love to work with him as part of a team.


I don't really know at this juncture and as a result I will likely be setting up the next node once we begin to scale up. @rishi556 did the initial server setup, and bash history wasn't enabled. I'm guessing it really was as simple as hitting SU and then setup.sh or something along those lines, and answering a few questions along the way. He may have wrote more about it here: https://peakd.com/giftgiver/@giftgiver/delegations-are-live-and-we-are-part-of-a-witness-group
I have read GitHub documentation on witness node setup and I am confident in saying I would be able to figure it out. Just haven't done it yet, aside from 2 previous attempts that failed early on (2017, when first creating my account).

and then

I've enjoyed steem and now hive the last 3 years I've been here, it's been great meeting people on here and learning. The platform does have a lot of growing to do, and hopefully, with a witness node and a team that wants more, we can contribute a little bit towards that.
We all have our own projects, @rishi556 has @giftgiver granting short term delegations and more to new players of the hive chain, I have https://profile.blokz.io/ which is being updated to support hive along side this post and should be live once you see this, still a lot of work to be done on it, but incremental improvement is the name of the game. @edicted has a lot of projects in mind and now an excuse to start implementing them.

now what?

What are you waiting for, vote for our witness using hivesigner here :


P.s. yes, this next bit is my signature and @rishi556 has already shamed me into cleaning it up, that's next on the list. (;

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Wow! awesome team I support it!😀


Congratulations! Now I have to review my witness votes again to make sure you all have a spot and couldn't be happier!

Thanks, we appreciate it.