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As announced in my presentation post (available here) as a French-speaking witness, my goal was to create a small toolbox for the blockchain to learn a little bit more about this blockchain. This little toolbox mainly serves me as a playground for a bigger project.

Having made a Witness server it made sense for me to start with something for this part of the blockchain, if possible approaching it from a new or different angle.

Moreover, it might finally make working my #WITNESSWEEKEND that I've been trying to do since July 2018 ๐Ÿคฃ cf. here and here

Part I - Compatibility

The toolbox is compatible with Keychain (the most fluid way in my opinion), Signer or via your Active or Post Key. These 2 last ones are not saved anywhere (not even locally) and they never leave your device (only used at a time T to generate the transaction to send to the blockchain).

Part II - Features

The toolbox works on both blockchains (click on the logo of the blockchain to change), is multilingual (click on the flag to change) and has a light and dark theme (click on the moon icon to change). The connection is done just with the username (doesn't store any key neither locally nor on the server).


Part III - The votes Remover

The Vote Remover allows you to automate a complete cleanup of your votes for witnesses. The great spring cleaning, as it's called in France ๐Ÿคฃ


You can remove your votes on all or only the inactive ones (like @utopian-io and @wackou in my example) if you check the appropriate box. In the last case an additional line appears on the validation window.

Witness disapproval.png

Are considered inactive any witness that has not produced a Block for more than 2 months.

As it's an automated process, it's not compatible with Signers who only sign one transaction at a time in external url way.

Part IV - The Witnesses list

Possibility to search by name, display by number of voters or Hive Power received (VESTS converted to HP because I think this is more meaningful for everyone) all in ascending/descending order.


Chips explanation



If you are using a Keychain (and of course you are logged in and your keychain is unlocked) then clicking on the vote button will generate the transaction and send it to the blockchain. Otherwise the window below will open asking you to either use Signer or to enter your Active key.


Part V - Witness dashboard

The dashboard (this is not a final version but a first draft) aims to highlight each witness.


Let's take for example the one of @themarkymark, on the left side you find his witness information (ranking, web link, description, witness version, number of voters and power retrieved in HP).

Then you have production information such as:

  • Last produced block: last block produced by the witness (not irreversible block)
  • Rewards: rewards obtained over the current month (up to the most recent irreversible block, i.e. 1 minute delay compared to the blockchain)
  • Blocks produced: number of blocks produced in the current month (same constraint as above)

Then comes the real time graph, Real time blocks, which reports hour by hour the (irreversible) blocks produced by the witness. Ending with the total number of missed blocks since the witness was activated.

I still have a lot of information in reserve but I'm struggling a bit with the most suitable layout.

Then the page ends with the last 8 posts published by witness with for the moment an external link (hive.blog) to read their content.


As I'm not giving up trying to get you to vote ๐Ÿคฃ here is a small selection of witnesses to vote for and who are not in the top 20 ๐Ÿ˜‰

curie.pngWhat @curie? Well yes, I still don't understand that with what they do for the community that they're not number 1 (or even in the top 20 since they're in position 26).
dsound.png@dsound is a dapp for music creators (https://dsound.audio/) that lacks a lot of visibility and that I think could use a little help from us.
stem.pngSTEMsocial from @lemouth do you know it? A project dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics it doesn't take much to seduce me ๐Ÿ˜†, a nice project to have the knowledge to deal with the Fakes.

Convinced? Why not go vote for them while discovering this toolbox here: https://toolbox.mintrawa.com/

MTW: MinTraWa Witness
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Looks and feels really good. Would be awesome to have something similar for normal profiles too, like a portfolio of sorts. A marketplace of ideas and skills, hope some will pop up!

ย last yearย (edited)

Hey, I'm kinda working on that, it's sloppy and ugly atm, but slowly getting there. https://profile.blokz.io/
Mine would be https://profile.blokz.io/?hive=sn0n

Looks really promising. Using only mobile, the UI needs a bit of adjusting, but can see the potential. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, UI on mobile is not easy due to the different ratio of screen and the different resolution. I think it will take some try before finding the best fit for all brands/models.

Thanks for your feed back ;)

Great Work You Have Done For Hive, It Is Premium and Advanced Tool for Users To Vote On Hive Witnesses, Not Like Old Look Steem Witnesss.

Thanks! I tried to make something more attractive than tables full of numbers that I find impersonal and that don't highlight witnesses but lines of stats.

Just tried out your tool and I love the layout! Great job and on behalf of the HIVE community, thank you!

Thanks for your feedback ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Why sure. I do like what you have going on and the DAPP? Fabulous!

Great tool ! Upvoted fully by the @hodlcommunity.

Thank a lot for your support @hodlcommunity

ย last yearย (edited)

Looks great @mintrawa, adding it to the Hive Tools Directory at HiveWhat.com!

I'm intrigued, how much do you charge for development? Please contact me at https://t.me/donaldporterjm if you're available.

Thank a lot! You introduced me to HiveWhat.com I didn't know it ๐Ÿ˜Š