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We are in a nail-biting situation. You might feel it from the unaligned thumbnail. All the top 20 witnesses of STEEM are 'fake' accounts.

How Did It Happen?

It happened in retaliation of Soft Fork 22 which was done to protect the blockchain from a single entity called Steemit Inc., now owned by Justin Sun, TRON Foundation. All details here:

Vote Now or Never

A short story cuz there is no time for a long one - I earn my bread and butter from this platform. So I am a little worried about whatever is happening. I am sure there are so many people who will lose much more if something quirky happens with STEEM. I don't want that so what I did was vote for 30 REAL witnesses who have worked so hard to make STEEM - the best blockchain. I have also used my other accounts to set PROXY. Yes, if you are a lazy bum like me, you can set your PROXY (anyone you believe is worthy enough) and exercise your votes through them.

Peaceful Protest

What else we can do you might think. But the community's voice has much more power than money, right? We still have the right to access our vote and speak about what happened. So talk as well!!!! Both combined can help our case. There is so much action happening on twitter so get involved. Vitalik Buterin is talking about us, so you can imagine.

Once again, I hope that we all come to a common ground which benefits each stakeholder and not just a few individuals or groups. Cheers!!!!




Hey Bro
I did and shared a post just now. My support continue for previous top witnesses.

Awesome Bro. Let's spread the word!!!! Cheers.

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