New hive public RPC node online

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I'm happy to announce a new public full RPC node is available now at

It's based in Finland, has 3x 1tb SSD's, 64gb of ram and a beasty Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz
It's also a seed node listening on port 2001

Available Plugins:

witness webserver p2p json_rpc database_api network_broadcast_api condenser_api block_api rc_api account_by_key account_by_key_api tags tags_api follow follow_api market_history market_history_api account_history_rocksdb account_history_api

I also have an experimental REST api at with a few endpoints (more to come)

I've been making a verson of steemworld for hive (from scratch, open source) that has been live for a few weeks already. It's still buggy and I hate the way it looks, but the fundamentals work. I'll post a link when its more polished, but its available now if you can figure out where I hid it ;)

I'm also hoping to launch the rebranded SGL / @sonicgroovelive as @hivelive within the next week :)

Stay Safe in these crazy days and I hope you all bought the dip !



Can't wait to use Hiveworld.
Would be nice if we could get @steemchiller over to Hive.

I think it is fantastic to get another Steemworld for Hive as well but you can find @steemchiller's Hive version in the link below already:

Warning: This is an illegal plagiarism without permission of @steemchiller!

He will not join in here as he stated clearly on Steem a few days ago!

He also said he is not in favor of freezing users' accounts. Yet he seems to be running 0.22.8888 anyways ;)

Thank you @ausbitbank!
I am looking forward to see the Hive version of Steemworld!
And amazing if it is opensource!

Thank you @ausbitbank!

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Fantastic news on both fronts👍

I seen it/used it! I'm not being a ass but I get what you say about polishing it up. But hey, it works!

Is your Steemworld equivalent separate from the site?

 10 months ago 


Hellz Yeah Brotha!
It's great seeing more and more community members stepping up with full RPC nodes, it's amazing.
Looking forward to the other projects you got cooking in the kitchen as well!

Awesome work.

Great to hear this. Thanks a ton!

But why rebranding SGL? 😇

Excellent job

Thank you so much for your great Work. I know you did so much for Steem, and i am happy you continue here on hive with your work. Thank you.

Another added to the list.

It keeps growing.

Thank you so much! Keep us posted!

Hive version of Steemworld !!! yes !!!

You should do a proposal to fund it. I would vote for that.

Wow @ausbitbank ...

"I've been making a verson of steemworld for hive ..."

... that is very encouraging to hear. This would be my #1 "wish list" item, if asked. SteemPeak and SteemWorld were my two "indispensible" interfaces to the Steem blockchain. Have been feeling like I am "hopping around on one leg" here on Hive.

Looking forward to seeing it in operation!

Awesome! :D cheers

Thanks for all these wonderful additions to Hive! Curious about your version of Steemworld, I've been enjoying having at least beeme.ICU back as Steemworld was always the tool for me for so many things. Cheers!

hey @ausbitbank,will you consider of enlighten my ignorance. I've been in blockchain for almost 2 years now when I joined steem. What is node by the way?

Great work @ausbitbank!
With the higher price we have to serve more users. Thanks for supporting and securing the Hive chain!

Hi, I have a question, since I see your server has 64gb of RAM. Are you using MIRA on this node? How long it took to replay the chain?