Attention- Haven't you revisited your witness votes yet? Start voting from witness position 21. Don't vote for anyone in top 20 positions!

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As you all know by now, the new malicious vested interests have arbitrarily pushed some dummy witnesses to top 20 positions. All these witnesses are running in a single nod. This act is achieved by illegally powering up the liquid steems of users stored in exchanges. Crypto Exchanges like Binance supported this move, apparently having been influenced by the new owner of steemit Inc, Justin Sun. The thing to care the most about this move is the fact that we have just lost the decentralized tendency of our platform. Steemit is not supposed to work this way. We, the real humans who consider this place our home should come together in large numbers and fight this evil.

I repeat..This is high time we demonstrate our might. We, the real steemians should come together in large and vote for witnesses to push some of our own witnesses back to their respective deserved positions. If you have been showing apathy so far, this is the right time to be active and show what you can do for the community.

Today, I myself have revisited witness voting and voted for top 30 real witnesses (starting from 21st position) despite me having no interest at the opinions of some of them. We have to reclaim our positions.


Visit this link-

and start voting for witnesses now. Don't vote for anyone in top 20 positions as they are all dummy witnesses set by Justin and team. You have a total of 30 votes which can be used to push up the ranks of witnesses from No-21 (@yabapmatt) to No- 54 (@blockbrotbers). It is obvious that we have difference of opinion with some of these witnesses. But for now care little about those dissents and care more for our community! Here is the list of witnesses I have voted for.


Profile links to the witnesses I'm voting for.

  1. @abit
  2. @actifit
  3. @aggroed
  4. @anyx
  5. @ausbitbank
  6. @blocktrades
  7. @bobinson
  8. @cervantes
  9. @coingecko
  10. @curie
  11. @drakos
  12. @embrebeyler
  13. @firepower
  14. @followbtcnews
  15. @good-karma
  16. @gtg
  17. @jesta
  18. @liondani
  19. @lukestokes.mhth
  20. @netuoso
  21. @ocd-witness
  22. @roelandp
  23. @someguy123
  24. @steempeak
  25. @steempress
  26. @stem.witness
  27. @thecryptodrive
  28. @themarkymark
  29. @therealwolf
  30. @yabapmatt

Please do act swiftly as every small vote counts!

Steem on!