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RE: Witness Update and thought about Steemit-Tron-SoftFork 22.2

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Look like you have to stay in line with Justin’s wishes if you do not want to be punished 😱

This depends on the viewpoint. The majority of the Steem blockchain users are punishing themselves (and doom the Steem blockchain) by being selfish and greedy. Nowadays there are 23-32 000 daily active Steem blockchain users, 40 000+ posts per day, but the average number of comments per post is only 1-3, and most of these comments are bot, bot-like, spam, spam-like comments. A lot of posts do not even receive comments. There are a lot of ignored/overlooked posts. Most of the Steem blockchain users are focusing only on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. Nowadays the real human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain. Many people left and still leaving Steemit and the Steem blockchain. Not so appealing, right?


Yes, your point of view is valid. I personally do not believe in the misleading message "post and earn" and it should be removed if not banned.

Today, the Steem blockchain is much more than its social aspect, even if it was a good plan to onboard users into decentralized technology and crypto at first. Steem is now about (d)Apps built on top of the blockchain and the service(s) they provide.

With that in mind, I consider Steemit(.com) should become a (d)App with its own (private) reward pool to offer its users to earn something if that's its owner wish. Can't wait for SMTs to come out to enable this.