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RE: My Application for Steem Witness

Steem needs your witness. I have proxied my witness votes heretofore, but need to ensure you receive my vote, so will presently examine the best way to do that.

Thanks for taking this plunge.

 last year 

I proxy my votes as well, so I'm not even voting for my own witness (yet). So far I've gotten some fairly decent votes by some very reputable accounts, so things are going well anyway. I appreciate your words of support, they're more meaningful than a vote.

I am certain that my words of support are indeed more meaningful than my insubstantial VP =p

I did note that you proxy @minnowsupport, and found that a few of the witnesses on that list are not ones I am willing to vote for, which is why I have not proxied you at this time.

I hope that @krnel recognizes your potential value as a witness and supports you, which would free me from the necessity of attempting to cast 29 other votes for witnesses while far short of his understanding and relationships. However, if that is necessary in a day or three, I will do what is necessary, insofar as I am able.


 last year 

Most people want to see a witness producing blocks for a month or 3 before casting their vote, and that's completely reasonable. I wouldn't push it too hard, just let it play out and the chips will fall where they may.

Will do!