TripleA Witness

There is happening quite a lot in the moment on our Blockchain and it seems that the community is divided into several groups trying to achieve somehow the same goal but with different approaches.

  • We have groups that are using the Steem blockchain to announce a new Blockchain and probably to get investment. Fair thing and we wish them good luck. Getting investments for new Blockchains nowadays is not an easy job and I hope they have enough fundings for marketing.
  • We have groups that are trying to force the witnesses from Steemit Inc. out, as the force is claiming that the Steem used for voting was never planned for voting witnesses.
  • We have groups that are trying in the background to keep this chain whole and gather the interests from all parties to find a working ground together.


1. The TripleA Witness

TripleA is a Movie and TV show review site, based on Steem and Steem-Engine tokens trying to form an alternative platform to make it possible to reward content creators and curators on both sides. During the project, we also realized that a general reward, based on inflation without having the utility for investors is difficult to maintain when the user number is not on a similar level like services without any blockchain technology.

To be able to get more users on our platform we also have seen that we need several parts at the same time to create momentum.

  • Big enough marketing budget to onboard users.
  • Easier onboarding for users.
  • Services and digital products to create enough sink for the token economy.

With the news coming out that Tron may buy themselves into Steemit Inc. we were positive for having more marketing on the Steem Blockchain then before, which would be also positive for the TripleA project.

2. The past

There are a ton of posts about what happened from different views. One thing that we have seen in common is the following part.

  • The community does not want the witnesses from Steemit Inc. being kept on the top 20.
  • Steemit Inc. would be willing to remove their witnesses and votes when they can be sure that no funds may be frozen ever again.

There is in the moment a lot of talk going on behind between stakeholders that are NOT interested in a chain split because it would eventually weaken the whole community for all sides.

As far as we can see, words can be broken and code can be overridden with power. We will have to choose the difficult way to make a ground where we can at least try to trust each other.

3. The statement

@justinsunsteemit mentioned in a meeting with witnesses, Steemfoundation and the KR community that they would be willing to remove votes and witnesses when they can be sure that no fund may be frozen. A statement from the witnesses would be needed.

To start with it, we would like to inform the following to ensure the first step for a trust-based relationship.

The team behind TripleA and the witness server will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain.

To emphasize our attention, we have launched our server based on version 0.22.5, which should be a message for Steemit Inc. itself.

4. Thoughts

We think that Steem is a great place. It does have a very diverse community and maybe also some geeky users but it is still a place where people can come together, get information and live together as a big community. We think that we are now on the edge of a lot of changes and that we may not return to the status quo as before. For that too much has happened already. But sometimes change may be needed to move forward.

We will act, as everybody else here on the chain, to do what we think is right. And that would be to try to establish governance on this chain for all participants.

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Smart move. Looks like he is buying older accounts now to make it seem that his witnesses are not sock puppets. You are not fooling anyone here...

I bet my ass that we will see 10 more random older accounts pop up in the top 20 in a matter of days...

That dev365 vote is like a stigma if you get it for a prolonged period of time.

This is exactly what's going to happen. He's going to bribe other witnesses to run his version, which will result in him saying: "Well, those are community witnesses". Community witnesses my ass.

I don't have anything against and their project, but this will be hilarious to watch when actual problems arise on Steem and nobody of the "new community witnesses", will know what to do.

This is pretty much the equivalent of hiring a new software developer and making him Lead Developer or Senior Developer instantly.

Please don't get me wrong, but you are literally saying the Korean community is not a "community." @proxy.token discusses who to vote with the KR members, and it's their decision to support There are other 40 more people who upvoted this witness other than proxy.token and justin, and they are not also in the community?? I'm personally getting tired to see the mindset from yourside that thinks ONLY the people who support your voice is a community...?

Also, the lead dev behind the is a LONG-TIME STEEM DEV in Korean community (even far longer than us - Steemhunt). Please don't think that only you guys are the "qualified" Steem dev or witness runner...

(Self-voted due to the long images above)

How can I vote for something that the man who is ruining and causing tension on a platform that I adore, also voted for? With all due respect it is not about one side pretending another doesn't exist, that is called a strawman argument. It is not "the other side" vilifying the Korean community. Justin Sun's actions are making any vote of his null-and-void. He is persona non grata in these parts. Its not Steemaphopia as you are suggesting. This comment neglects to mention any of nuances of the argument instead the comment is hypocritical and trying to label everyone from "the other side" (your word's) as villains. You are guilty of the very same thing you are complaining about in this comment, in fact, many people such as myself have been very humble throughout this whole experience. Let's not fall into that abyss, the witnesses that are being mentioned as socks are highly suspect and receiving votes from the ninja block and accounts of two different exchanges, the blockchain is very transparent and the proof is there if you want to see, this is not just people attacking all that is Korean.

No, my Comrade, only their community is The Community!

Have you learned any history? :D

There seems to be a bit of vote shaming going on, in my opinion. It seems a bit like the narrative of the 2016 election in the US, a choice between the lesser of two evils. Guess that's what forks are for.

Novacadian shrugs

@null|Mr. Sun

No, we say the intention is part of a crime. You are guilty.

This looks like a J.S. Server with a new account attached to it, they probably have admins. o.Ó

Fuck off! Tell me your twitter account NOW !!!

You are fooling everybody for years, let the Sun have some fun as well :D