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RE: Witness Update and thought about Steemit-Tron-SoftFork 22.2

You can keep my witness vote.

If I am ever forced to endorse tron by default being a steem user, I will sell everything because I hate Tron and Do not want their token in my life.


Thank you for your unfailing support @phusionphil, really appreciated!

I am more than happy to disagree about something in life, but never have I ever forced someone to stop using a currency of their preference, or altered their economic principals to my liking.

Have a great day and thanks for respecting the independent Steemians like myself and @darkflame (we both ave multiple accounts) who doesn't have time to engage this soft fork like we do.

There is many suffering in silence and we need to protect those unaware that this bias has even entered our sphere of influence on steem.