Witness Update and thought about Steemit-Tron-SoftFork 22.2

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Time fly and so many thing happening with our beloved blockchain and community.

The last weeks have been quite hectic and full of emotions. The announcement of the Steemit inc. by the Tron Foundation and its CEO @justinsunsteemit came with a bang and a lot of confusion. Many people quickly react to this news, Steemit int was very late to do it, which has created a lot of FUD.

Reassured but…

At first, I thought the arrival of Justin Sun and his team could be good news. This guy has overflowing energy, a strategic vision and a will to make his projects succeed. Our community needs an effective marketing machine to promote our project. On the finance side, the support that Tron Foundation could provide is also welcome.

Not reassured

However, several informed people expressed doubts about the future of Steem after this takeover, sometimes with relevant arguments. I will not list them all here when you can use the #tron tag to find them.

What definitely triggered my alert signal was the use of Justin Sun of

For the full story, you can read more this article on CoinTelegraph and check Justin Sun on twitter.

Justification for his action was this:

OMG, is Tron network really at risk if only 3 SRs (a Super Representatives is the equivalent of a top 20 witness on the Tron network) refuse to upgrade their node, which is something a witness has the right to do if he does not agree with a rolled out hard fork? Why not simply propose to unvote them rather?

But scarier was this next tweet:

Look like you have to stay in line with Justin’s wishes if you do not want to be punished 😱

At that time, the vast majority of witnesses, like me, started to consider with doubts Justin Sun’s promise of not using the recently acquired Steemit inc stakes. Has he made the same promise to the Tron community, hand broke it, he could also use those stakes on the Steem blockchain to shuffle witnesses at will and (brute) force the adoption of a community unwanted hard fork.

Let's be cautious

Hence my support to the Soft Fork 0.22.2 deployed today as a temporary and fully reversible measure to protect our community.

I won't rewrite what others have already well written so I urge you to read the following posts:

It was a really hard decision to take, and I fully understand and respect witnesses who refused to deploy this soft fork and expressed their considerations. But I strongly believe that by doing this, we show to Justin Sun that we care about our blockchain, we want the community to stay in control of its destiny and want to make it more autonomous, less dependent on a centralized entity like Steemit. Inc or the Tron Foundation.

In the meantime, Justin Sun has written an open letter to the Steem community. As this letter is more about Tron and Steemit projects than Steem itself, I will stay on my guard. I'm eager to see what will happens on this meeting. Will it be like the AMA (Ask Me Anything) meeting which turned out to be more of an LTM (Listen To Me) monologue?

Future will tell!

I’m not yet a top 20 but, thanks to your support, my witness rank has steadily raised.

If you think my work for the Steem community is valuable and deserve a higher rank, feel free to vote for me as a witness!


On the flip side of things, I would not be surprised if the 3 Sr which didn't upg their nodes were not even aware of what's going on and perhaps only in for the financial gains and could not have been bothered with upgs. Even though ethically it was wrong for @justinsunsteemit to do it, however like it could have been concented by all the SR to make the move even though the implications from the PR stand point would have been disasterous. But I guess only the guys within Tron's chain would have known what exactly transpired

Steem witnesses are more concern of the stability of the chain and growth of the chain. Plus everything is communicated more easily within the Steem chain.. I agree with you that the optimism of Tron acquisition was taken positively by many however it has not been assured or reinforced. Let's see what comes next and keep a watchful eye on each others backs.

It was one of the hardest decision to make in my life because it hurts some of my core values and I would like to see this settled asap.

You can keep my witness vote.

If I am ever forced to endorse tron by default being a steem user, I will sell everything because I hate Tron and Do not want their token in my life.

Thank you for your unfailing support @phusionphil, really appreciated!

I am more than happy to disagree about something in life, but never have I ever forced someone to stop using a currency of their preference, or altered their economic principals to my liking.

Have a great day and thanks for respecting the independent Steemians like myself and @darkflame (we both ave multiple accounts) who doesn't have time to engage this soft fork like we do.

There is many suffering in silence and we need to protect those unaware that this bias has even entered our sphere of influence on steem.

Look like you have to stay in line with Justin’s wishes if you do not want to be punished 😱

This depends on the viewpoint. The majority of the Steem blockchain users are punishing themselves (and doom the Steem blockchain) by being selfish and greedy. Nowadays there are 23-32 000 daily active Steem blockchain users, 40 000+ posts per day, but the average number of comments per post is only 1-3, and most of these comments are bot, bot-like, spam, spam-like comments. A lot of posts do not even receive comments. There are a lot of ignored/overlooked posts. Most of the Steem blockchain users are focusing only on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. Nowadays the real human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain. Many people left and still leaving Steemit and the Steem blockchain. Not so appealing, right?

Yes, your point of view is valid. I personally do not believe in the misleading message "post and earn" and it should be removed if not banned.

Today, the Steem blockchain is much more than its social aspect, even if it was a good plan to onboard users into decentralized technology and crypto at first. Steem is now about (d)Apps built on top of the blockchain and the service(s) they provide.

With that in mind, I consider Steemit(.com) should become a (d)App with its own (private) reward pool to offer its users to earn something if that's its owner wish. Can't wait for SMTs to come out to enable this.

I appreciate the update. While I don't know what Tron means for our platform (yesour platform), every time I reada thoughtful, informed post like this, I feel a little less bewildered. Even if you're just musing aloud, at least it's something. Thank you

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