A Witcher's Law of Surprise

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Destiny is a cruel master. It doesn't care about an individual's wishes or desires. It appears, instead, to care only blindly about the events that occur in the world for reasons beyond our understanding. It is timeless and merciless. If you do not reach the expected fate, then the world will shape itself to compensate regardless of your survival.

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The Witcher (minor spoilers ahead)

Netflix's "The Witcher" series takes the next logical step for the Witcher Universe. The show, in my opinion, focuses on three central characters. The post covers them briefly and then provides an overall impression of the series. It briefly touches on the Lioness but does not consider her to be a main character. I found the most intriguing part of the series was the Law of Surprise the Continent follows and its effect on the character's lives.

Geralt and the Lioness

The finality of destiny is never more evident than in Netflix's "The Witcher" series Season-1. In this fantasy tale, we see Geralt of Rivia, being both a rebel and follower of fate. In Episode-4, "Of Bastards, Banquets, and Burials," Geralt provides the Queen at the court of Cintra with his interpretation of destiny, namely: "Destiny, helps people believe there is an order to this horsesh**...there isn't."

Later in the episode, Geralt jokingly claims the Law of Surprise as a means of payment to a cursed-knight he saved during the banquet. Unbeknownst to Geralt, however, destiny immediately shows him his fate isn't as full of shite as he once believed. The effects of claiming the Law of Surprise follow Geralt through the rest of the season. The Witcher now must follow through with a series of trials and tribulations so that he may claim his boon. You should know that he does try to satisfy the Law of Surprise. Unfortunately, the Lioness of Cintra does not share his understanding. Destiny delivers them chaos since they chose not to fulfill their promise.

The Mage of Vengerberg

Disfigured by blood. Pariah by society. A tormented woman discovers an ability that propels her into another way of life. The difference here, however, is that Yennefer learns to take control of her life in ways she could not imagine. She seeks power, control, and love seemingly denied to her by fate since her birth. Yennefer's arch through Season-1 shows us that, in many ways, what she desires will always be out of reach.

The Princess of Cintra

A child of surprise. Fated to be linked to the White Wolf. Ciri's union with the Wolf, as set by the Law of Surprise, is undermined by the Lioness. She is unaware of the promise made and predictably broken. Ciri must contend with the repercussions as she witnesses the destruction of all she holds dear: the death of her family and the ruin of the queendom. All she has left are her wits and the hope of finding Geralt. Her story arch during this season goes from being pampered and frustratingly naive to desperate as she searches for the protection meant for her.

Ancient Slovic Society

A direct correlation with the Law of Surprise with modern society and world mythology isn't available as far as I could tell. The Greek Scholar Procopius held that the Slovic people, similar to Geralt's position, didn't believe in destiny. What they did do, however, was to promise their god a sacrifice in the event they escaped their misfortune. Keep the promise, and you fulfill the vow. Deny their god the promised sacrifice, and you are at the mercy of a fate that will collect its due.

Worth the Watch?

"The Witcher" series is for any fan of the fantasy genre. It will carry you through on its engaging dialogue, acting, and special effects. Will it win countless Oscar and Golden Globe awards? Probably not. It will, however, entertain you. Enjoy the show. Try not to nitpick the daylights out of it because that's just silly (Star Trek/War Fans I'm looking at you).

Henry Cavill takes the character to a believable level. I feel the main characters do a good job performing. It's worth the watch. If you're interested in a more detailed review, please take a look @bengy review of "The Witcher" Season-1 First Impressions. You won't be left wanting unless, of course, you can't just sit through something and enjoy it. I mean, the books are canon, and the video games follow the books quite well. The Witcher series tries to fulfill the same feat.

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@bengy for an excellent review of Netflix's "The Witcher."

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"Destiny, helps people believe there is an order to this horsesh**...there isn't."

That was one of my favorite lines out of the whole first season.

Other than Geralt just saying "Hm." in response to something.

Thanks, @cryptoastronaut! I agree it was my favorite line too. I've seen how too many times we utter something just to be proven wrong moments later by fate.